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My Tips Cantik originally started as a Twitter account on April 9th 2010 serving timelines with beauty tips, life quotes, product reviews and beauty salon information, even though I know that maybe there are other media that serves similar information however, my aim is simply to share especially with young women my age.

The Twitter account received such amazing response, reaching 10,000 followers by the end of 2010! However, Twitter 140 characters restriction makes it hard to discuss beauty in depth and followers were beginning to ask for beauty advices and makeup tutorials, so I decided to expand it into a website where they could freely discuss about anything that’s beauty related.

Most of My Tips Cantik entries will be done in Bahasa Indonesia because I feel that language should not be a restriction when it comes to expanding our knowledge, so as a beauty enthusiast, why not create entries that are understandable and informative for Indonesian readers adapting from sources like not only beauty websites but also everyday experiences, books and public opinions. I am truly hopeful for My Tips Cantik to grow into a bigger, better and stronger beauty enthusiasts community.

15 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. hai sista.. can u help me to find the shop that sell cuccio set or opi set for meni pedi with affordable price..? thx

    1. @ devi I know a place that sells OPI products for less price but I’m not sure if they carry the mani-padi set

  2. Dear Harumi,

    Hai Harumi, perkenalkan saya Ullyartha Irawaty dari redaksi majalah intern perbankan Mitra UMKM di Surabaya.
    Saat ini Majalah Mitra UMKM baru memasuki edisi ke 9 dan akan terbit bulan September 2016. Disini saya ingin mewawancarai Harumi melalui email, dimana akan di angkat pada rubrik kami “BeautyBlogger”.
    Sekiranya Harumi bersedia bisa kirim balasan melalui email saya

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