GIV x Albert Yanuar for JFW


I can’t believe it’s Jakarta Fashion Week already! Another year for me means another year celebrating Indonesia’s finest designers. Each year I witness how amazing their pieces are, strutting the runway as fashionistas snap and share through social media filling our timeline with so many inspirations. I would say its one of my highly anticipated time of the year and I surely am proud being a part of our nation’s biggest fashion event.


My first show of the fashion week madness began with the GIV x Albert Yanuar show. Yup you heard me right, it’s GIV as in the iconic bar soap! They were the official body wash partner for JFW and they’ve collaborated with the talented Albert Yanuar to create a beautiful masterpiece for their latest product packaging which is… GIV Beauty Body Wash.


After years of thorough R&D process GIV have finally launched their liquid body wash offering us the most alluring and moisturizing sensation. The GIV Beauty wash is infused with Shea Butter & Vitamin E which we all know is our skin’s best friends.




They come in three lovely scents, Damask Rose & Cherry Blossom, White Flowers & Vanilla, Passion Flower & Sweet Berry. And when I was at the perfume lab at JFW I really couldn’t make up my mind because they all smell so splendid!




These feminine packaging was designed by Albert Yanuar and the show beautifully showcased all the beautiful details on his breathtaking dresses, touch of pinks, purple hues and the innocent white hypnotizing audience and just like other fashionistas.. I couldn’t stop Instagramming!




The experience was one of a kind because I have never seen a collaboration between a talented local designer and an iconic body wash ever before in the history of both Indonesia’s Beauty & Fashion industry.


As an Indonesian, a beauty lover and a fashion enthusiast I highly encourage you try out the experience yourself because not only GIV body wash offers one of the best shower experience but the packaging itself shows the epitome of true Indonesian femininity.

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