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Do you know how exhilarating it is when a product actually works? When that $10 moisturizer makes your skin soft or when you don’t regret spending $100 on a foundation because you feel like a million bucks when wearing it. Well call me crazy but as a beauty addict, finding a product that actually works is like dream come true.

This time I’m talking about a gnarly Japanese invention called Baby Foot and I have done padicures all around the world and no other can make my feet as soft as this!

The name literally speaks for itself, it promises soft, smooth & silky feet just like a baby’s.

If you have a problem with callus aka kapalan, rough sole or even discoloration then keep on reading because this product will surely bring foot products on to the next level

Packaged neatly in an eye catching Packaging, you’ll immediately see how feet are transformed through the peeling of dead skin, and for me I find it exciting hahahaha and I just can’t wait to try it myself.

Photo 11-01-16 7.27.36 PM

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Now before I explain further, just a quick info on my feet’s condition so you’ll know what to expect after the transformation

– Mild callus

– Slightly discoloration on pinky toes due to excessive high heels

– Mild rough sole

Inside the packaging there are two plastic socks look alike which is infused with the “magic” liquid which then will help the peeling of dead skin.

That magic liquid is a combination 17 type of natural extracts and I notice common chemical peels ingredients like glycolic & salicylic acid.

Before I slipped into the infused socks, I washed my feet clean and dry them completly then I slipped em on then secure it with the tape they provided.

It felt super liquidy and slippery!

Photo 11-01-16 7.40.45 PM

Photo 11-01-16 7.43.02 PM

*important info: kalo kaki kamu ada luka atau lecet, tutupin dulu pake hansaplast karena pasti perih kalo kena liquid nya*

The instruction said I have to leave it on for 30 minutes so I plugged in my HDMI to watch an episode of Scream Queens

1 hour goes by (it’s okay to leave them on a bit longer) and its time to take it off and wash my feet, I didn’t use soap just water until they’re not as slippery

Fresh off, still slippery

Photo 11-01-16 7.44.29 PM

3 days later…..

My feet still looks the same, no peeling whatsoever and I was beginning to become frustrated and Googled the sh*t out of WHY in the world my feet haven’t peeled already.

So one interesting tip I found is that I have to soak my feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes each day. With high hopes, I followed that tip for the next 2 days and by the 5th day dead skin were starting to peel off my feet.

For you who might wonder does it hurt or not the answer is not at all, it felt extremely satisfying to see dead skin shedding off revealing soft skin underneath.

The vigorous peeling continues for the next 3 days and after that is just mild peeling shedding off the last few remaining dead skin

The peeling process doesnt stop me from my daily activities, I still wear my regular shoes so you don’t have to worry about anything.

I must admit though that the peeling process did go on for a a while, so this means I have sh*tload of dead skin!

Now the peeling process is 100% complete and I would definitely do this again maybe in the next 3 months or so. I am so satisfied with the result and definitely recommend Baby Foot for anyone who has an obsession for soft feet or have a prolong problem with callus.

If you live in Indonesia, these babies cost Rp 325,000 ¬†And you can buy at your nearest pharmacies such as Watson’s and online you can find them on Lazada.

For more info visit their Facebook page & follow their Instagram @babyfootid

Enjoy peeling guys!!!

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