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What I love most about Snapchat is when im stuck in Jakarta’s traffic or when I’m about to snooze off in bed then I tap that hold button to see perfect sunny weather in Berlin or Rio de Janeiro, it’s almost like I can feel myself in there forgetting for 30 seconds about what’s in front of me. At times it can be highly frustrating especially when seeing Kylie Jenner’s ultra hot bod taking a mirror selfie but most of the time I reaaallly enjoy seeing my favorite influencers just totally being themselves from AM-PM. I’m really picky when it comes to who appears in any of my social media newsfeed lately because sometimes without me realizing if I kinda dislike that individual it can really bring out the trashy mouth of me and start procrastinating, soooo therefore I only follow those who are sweet to the eyes and can arouse my imagination (no, not sexually) Ha!

I follow a lot of celebs & bloggers but there are just some whom I tap & hold a little longer, some I just totally skip like Paris Hilton, oh God enough with the Private Jets selfies already but these are my favorites that can literally lift up my mood! I’m going to skip everybody’s all time Snapchat faves such as Chiara Ferragni, Bryanboy or Shay Mitchell because I know that you probably follow them already. I guarantee when you follow these accounts you’ll be in a state where you’ll be so confused wether to let your mind float away and be inspired or just straight down envy because you’re stuck in a 2 hour trip from Antasari to Plaza Indonesia while they’re sipping on Latte in Le Marais.

1. Nicole Warne – garypeppergirl

This Australian beauty is so visually oriented that even her snaps are colorful and sooooo beautiful, you’ll see her shasay in a long satin red dress through a room full of chandeliers or snapping the lighting effects at the Lancome party in Paris, the angles she capture is just oh so dreamy and you’ll understand why she’s different from the others once you tap & hold that button!

2. Alesso – alesso

This 23 year old Swedish mega superstar DJ is definitely one of my all time fave, first of all he’s cute and I actually met him in person on a flight from Vegas to LA and did I mention he’s cute? Ok anyway, his snaps usually consists of what he eats for breakfast and on lucky days you’ll get to see him work producing his latest music and occasionally he’ll snap with other mega superstar DJ like Tiesto or Martin Garrix.

3. Angelica Blick – angelicablick

Another one from Sweden is fashion blogger Angelica Blick, I guess one of the reason why I enjoy her snaps is because she lives in Stockholm and it’s one of my favorite cities in the world. When Chiara posted her summer days in LA with denim shorts, Angelica will still be wearing a ¬†jacket and beanie in June. It’s just interesting to see different things going on in different parts of the world.

4.Eva Chen – theevachen12

She was¬†everyone’s favorite Teen Vogue’s beauty editor then Anna Wintour personally handpicked herself to be Editor in Chief for Lucky Magazine, Eva gives the most hilarious and witty captions to her snaps which consists of New York, endless beauty products and baby cuteness overload.

5. Dorothy Wang – dorothywang

This Rich Kids of Beverly Hills cast is my guilty pleasure, on some days a west coast brat attitude is much needed for a little humor. I enjoy her globe trotter status and boutique hopping which usually ends up at Bootsy Bellow, one of LA’s favorite hot spots. If you don’t mind with some good ol’ fashion “OMG Ew” moments then she’s definitely amuse your snap days.

So tell me, who are your favorite snapchat accounts?

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