My One Day Stay at Sheraton Kuta


I don’t remember when was the last time I set my foot in Kuta. I guess it was years and years ago when Waterbom, Go Kart and obviously, Pantai Kuta was my main interest. I remember that was like a little heaven for fat little Harumi, and my parents would insist to stay at other areas such as Sanur or Nusa Dua but I insisted to stay in Kuta. There was something so fun about staying there, I would get my hair braided by the beach and pretending to be skillful at boogie board each time I hit the waves. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about dear 90’s generation.


Many trips to Bali went by and I shifted from Kuta to explore other parts of Bali leaving my childhood habits behind. During those many trips to Bali I rarely go to Kuta because I remember there was a lot of construction going on and well I wanted to be less “touristy”. I roamed around Seminyak area for most of my trips favoring the party scenes. Up until two weeks ago I was invited to stay at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort for my Beauty Talk event at Beachwalk and after many years of not setting my foot in Kuta, I was completely blown away with how well developed the area is!

The stylish hotel is right next to Beachwalk Mall which is so convenient because everything is super accessible by walking distance. From top notch restaurants, chill out places, shopping and other entertainments that will make your stay more enjoyable.


Beachwalk hi-res


The first thing I noticed when I stepped to the hotel was the pool area, it was just the perfect spot to chill and I loved the turquoise bean bags, it really bring out the playful side of the area. Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort is a 5 star beachfront hotel. This means each of the 203 guest rooms and suites which feature a spacious balcony has view of the Kuta Beach and the Bali Strait (yeayuh!) I was lucky enough to stay at the deluxe ocean view room!




My room interior

she3556gr-146718-Deluxe Ocean view - Bedroom 

Getting’ my hair & makeup done for the Beauty Talk event 


My Room View

Upon arrival I was invited to have lunch at their signature restaurant Feast, they have this vibrant fuchsia open kitchen style, which I absolutely LOVE. This is also the restaurant which they serve breakfast. I ordered Jimbaran Style grilled Fish complete with sambal matah right before my beauty talk event which caters to my Asian cravings. This restaurant is accessible not only from hotel entrance but also the Beachwalk mall sidewalks so if you’re not a hotel guest you can indulge in their delicious menu variations.


she3556re-128673-Feast - Global Cuisine Restaurant Interior


Jimbaran Style Dory Fish


At lunch as much as I try ro avoid rice but I simply can’t resist a good ol’ sambel and plecing kangkung



After the event I had dinner at their signature Italian restaurant called Bene, it’s a nice cozy 2 floor restaurant which was right by the poolside, when you walked in the restaurant you wouldn’t thought it’s pretty spacious with a view overlooking the beach if you sit on the second floor. I ordered A LOT because I was famished for 3 hours of talking & sharing! I can tell straight off the menu that they serve pretty authentic cuisines which means it’s bene bene Italian unlike those fusion Italian cuisines. I enjoyed my dinner there with a bottle of good wine and I had some friends came over to join me for dinner too so it was really the perfect way to end my day before leaving tomorrow noon 🙁


Bene 3

My absolute favorite dish would be the Spaghetti Alle Vongole and the Mushroom Risotto.



 This is the perfect hotel if you want to stay with your friends or family. In addition to its strategic area, the in house hotel facilities made me want to extend my one day stay there. The whole vibe reminds me of Gold Coast’s Surfer’s Paradise, where it’s touristy but even tourists don’t mind going there because it’s so convenient and will get the most of your holiday. Thank you Sheraton Kuta for the amazing hospitality and hope to visit again soon!



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