Red Wine Spa Anyone?


I drink wine, I love wine, I can never have too many glasses of wine so when I received an email from the Intercontinental Hotel Spa to try their Red Wine Wrap Spa Treatment I immediately said YES! It sounds expensive right? Well it is expensive but if you’re the type who seeks for extraordinary spa treatments then this treatment is perfect. Indulge in a 120 minutes of wine tranquility in the heart of Jakarta city.


I personally love going to the spa, I love massages and body treatments and as much as I love traditional spa I often get bored of the same ol “traditional Javanese massage & scrub” package and look for eye catching spa menu to try. About a month ago I tried the Red Wine Wrap treatment at the Intercontinental Hotel Spa and at first I was like “hmmm maybe this treatment includes wine tasting and have a tipsy massage” hahahahaha I seriously thought that. But as I stepped in to the South-West Amrica themed spa I was in for a detoxifying & anti aging spa treatment.


Wine if you drink it, can makes you feel young and actually 1 glass of red wine each day is good for the heart and gives you a peaceful sleep (Ha this is just another excuse to drink) and as good as you drink it, wine is actually very good for the skin due to antioxidants properties in red wine. Antioxidants banish the damaging free radicals that play a role in aging and age-related diseases so that’s why there are a lot of high-end spa that offers red wine facials of body wraps.


The treatment started with an amazing body massage, I slept the whole way because of the heated mattress and then after that I was exfoliated so that dead skin cells are be gone and the nutrition of red wine can be absorbed well. Then after almost 100 minutes of massage and scrub there goes the body mask which is mixed with one glass of red wine slathered on my skin starting from the neck down then I was wrapped with a heated blanket for 20 minutes.

SPA treatment room

120 minutes passed then I took a warm shower to rinse the wine mask away, ouchhh all those wine on my body, I felt so expensive hahahaha. After I dried myself I can instantly feel how soft & supple my skin feels it was amazing and I couldn’t help to see my flushed cheeks because of the warmth from the heating blanket and warm shower. What a sexy feeling!

I definitely recommend this Red Wine Spa Treatment for you who has no problem paying a little extra for a luxurious spa experience and in my point of view this spa is great for couples too because besides the super cozy double spa room both of you can feel the sexy vibe after the treatment! The Spa’s facilities and services are open to the public from 06.00 to 24.00; the opening hour for the Spa treatment is from 07:00 to 24:00. To make reservations call (62-21) 251 0888


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