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I’ve asked around to my brother, my photographer bestfriends, even my boyfriend about what camera should I get for blogging purposes and they all answered “definitiely an SLR camera” in which I am always interested but I am always intimidated because I feel it takes extra skill and tweak while I’m more a point and shoot girl, so my camera searching just kind of went blah up until I saw Michelle from Glister Blister posted Samsung NX 200 camera which she stated had a an autoshare button that can automatically transfers the photos from the camera to any smartphone, and I decided to give it a try and I brought it to Stockholm. Even better, the Samsung Indonesia team let me try their latest version which is the NX 300 and I am not a legit gadget reviewer but I’ll try my best to explain how perfect this camera is for anyone who’s just like me, wants a pretty picture and can instantly upload it.

Ok so this touch-screen 20.3MP camera comes with a fixed lens and a regular one, or however you say it but basically one lens you have to manually zoom which I personally like better because it’s great to take still images and the other one you can adjust the zoom which I think is good for landscape. The one I received have an external flash which I rarely use because with some settings tweak you can actually get a very good quality picture in lowlight. I’m not going to talk about the technical details because well, all I care is that this photo can take really good pictures. Here are some Pros & Cons



– High quality pictures for point & shoot users

– The Autoshare feature lets you share whatever you take right there right now through mobile link or email if there’s Wi-fi – The auto system is very easy, you don’t have to tweak anything to achieve a good quality picture

– Good battery life

– The feature of an SLR but in a very beginner friendly system


– The size is not really bag friendly, I mean you will still look touristy if you carry this camera around

– Sometimes when taking pictures in low light without flash picture can be a bit grainy even though not that bad (or maybe I just don’t know how to tweak the settings)

– Manual focus for beginners can be quiet tricky

The recent pictures you’ve seen on my IG is mostly all taken by the NX 300 and hands down I am definitely in love with this camera because one of the reason why other than its superb quality photos it really gives my IG and blog a better photos to enjoy. I hate to say that I have to give this back tomorrow ? I am definitely considering to buy this camera for my personal use. Any of you use this camera? Or do you have ny other recommendations for any camera that’s easy to use and give birth to superb quality pictures like this? Here are some #nofilter photos I took with NX300





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