Loving My Skin and I get Paid for It

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I receive so many good response in IG on my #nofilter #nocamera360 post which I took this morning. I wasn’t wearing any foundation in that photo and the natural lighting pretty much highlight how my latest endorsed product from The Bodyshop called Drops of Youth pre serum transformed my skin into this fresh, firm and flushed in 4 weeks. You might think “Oh she’s being paid for this so of course she says good things”, I mean yeah duh I do get paid but come on you be the judge of my skin! You know how insecure I was if you read my post about my battle with acne so when it comes to skincare it is my job to present to you something that actually WORKS on me and hopefully on you too.


This is my 2nd campaign with The Bodyshop and I must say I am honored because they’ve become like a family to me and I always see their products as needs and not something superficial which uses sales words that I can’t understand. Their product is simple, natural and in my point of view affordable. I was told that Drops of Youth is sold one in every 30 seconds and to be honest I didn’t know it was THAT popular because my campaign is the re-launching of the product in Indonesia, apparently this time the bottle comes in bigger size! A whooping 50ml!


Anyway, I’m going to wait til I get my new camera and I’ll take picture of the texture and everything but why I’m very enthusiastic about this product is because this a pre serum which means you apply it before everything else, so whatever skin care you use now. It doesn’t matter because this product will open up your pores and enhance the absorption of your usual skincare products. This is my first impression, briefly. It feels cold when you apply it and it dries fast and once it does you can feel your face becomes tight and at first I was like ummm this is awkward but after I apply my usual moisturizer it’s all gooood and super non greasy.Wait til’ my next blogpost to read the in depth review but in the mean time, PLEASE try it. Seriously it will change your life. Ok that may sound a bit exaggerating but seriously try it.



4 thoughts on “Loving My Skin and I get Paid for It

  1. i must say thank you for your post about this TBS pre-serum Drops of Youth. I read about your blog and how you struggling with acne problem on your skin. i have a similar situation and I was browsing on how i can get off from my addiction to doctor’s prescription. So i decided to try this pre serum and thank God, my skin showed some improvements.

    Dear Harumi, thank you!

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