Destination: Stockholm

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Kamu suka ngehayal gak? Hayal aja gitu mau day dreaming atau mungkin juga bagian dari pembicaraan sehari-hari sama temen atau pacar. Kalo iya berarti kita sama. Hobi banget ngehayal dari kecil dan kalo kata Ibu aku dari kecil kalo ngehayal emang selalu totalitas, jadi ga cuma di benak aja but I literally put my imagination into reality. I must admit that I am a daydreamer, my mind wanders if I see something that inspire me or makes me sad, my mind wanders all the time. And you know what? I am so thankful that I have a chronic daydreaming disorder because it takes me to where I am today. Apparently today I’m in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden and I’m writing this post in my super cozy hotel room smiling to myself thinking you know what Mi, you deserve this.

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After nearly 22 hours of travel, JKT – SIN – IST – ARN we finally arrived in Stockholm and what I mean by we is myself along with FIMELA and Oriflame Indonesia representatives. When I peeked through the airplane window seeing all those lands covered in snow, I was like, oh yea I’m definitely far away from home. I was so excited that I had a red eye flight Istanbul to Stockholm. For the next couple of days along with other bloggers from around the world we will  be experiencing how Oriflame is not only Sweden’s beauty gem but the heart of the annual Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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The “journey” haven’t start til Tuesday so I don’t have much to share other than my highlight of the day which is the hotel we’re staying Hotell Kung Carl and how the Oriflame team organized every single detail in the room from toiletries to puppy plushies. Oh and the room interior I just died, it’s so pretty!!!

I’m in love with the room instantly…


My roomie, Anastasia Siantar is flying in from Paris later today!


Since it’s an Oriflame trip so they filled our bathroom necessities with their products from shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, body butter to daily health & skin supplements! I tried on the watemelon shower gel and I loved it, smells so good!


It’s -4 outside and as much as I want to take pictures, the weather kinda beat me today. Maybe tomorrow when I’m well and rested I can promise you more photos from the city of Stockholm. Anyway, here are some MY OWN necessities since I always need comfort food wherever I am. Man you can take the girl out of Indo but not Indo out of the girl! Ha! Yay Popmie & Kapal Api


I just took some sleeping pills because I realllly need to rest, it’s going to be a long trip and I have so many things to look forward to! BTW, leave me a comment if you know any worthy place to visits (local insights pleaseeeeee no touristy stuff !!)

PS: All my shades and clothing during this trip is supported by LeSpecs and Max&Co 😉

4 thoughts on “Destination: Stockholm

  1. Hi Mba
    pagi ini aku kebangun trus buka web mb Harumi
    I usually do this everytime every morning kalau lagi kebangun past kepoin web, youtube and ig nya mba Harumi
    Mb Harumi lagi posting apa yaa lagi dimana yaa hihi..
    I never have an idol artist or singer or boyband since I ever know

    but since 2013 I knew you from instagram
    I realized I have an idol
    my idol is YOU

    dan bersamaan dengan komentku disini I wrote something about you on my blog and also I re-post your photos to my facebook semoga berkenan ya mba
    you are really my inspiration


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