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Whoaaa it’s been way too long since my last post…. Beban banget loh rasanya gak nge blog, itu rasanya kaya ada utang sama kalian! The reason of why I haven’t been blogging is aku kemarin sempet joprak literally kayanya sih kecapekan & positive DB jadi harus dirawat. Selain itu juga I’ve been doing a lot offline projects, which I’m really excited to share. Salah satunya adalah I’m now a part of InStyle Indonesia blogger insider, dan ini hal menarik karena aku jadi banyak dapet info terbaru dari mulai fashion, beauty & lifestyle sebelum majalah terbit so make sure you keep an eye of my Twitter and IG! In this post aku mau share beberapa hal menarik in which I’ve snatched during the photoshoot!


Top Row: Anna Sui Rose Ring Rouge, tinted lipbalm yang warnanya pas banget untuk dipake siang hari & Anna Sui La Vie Da Boheme perfume, wanginya sweet

Bottom Row: Some of my favorite fashion pieces that somehow have a batik IKAT pattern!

Also in this month’s issue, it is all about Sweatshirt madness, find your perfect one and snuggle in fashion!

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