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Waxing pastinya udah pada familiar lah gunanya apa! Bagi yg yg blm tau its a process of getting rid of unwanted hair menggunakan lilin khusus and personally sih buat gw segala bentuk bulu di badan tuh ga sexy, kecuali alis ya! So obviously the first batch of hair u want to get rid of is 1. Bulu Ketek and 2. Miss V, epitome of gengges! A week ago lalu aku nyobain one of South East Asia’s most popular Waxing, Tan & Nail salon which is Pink Parlour yg bru buka di Kemang Village. I mean if you’re the type of girl who’s not aware about ur miss V hygiene, dont mind kalo aplikator waxnya udh dipake ke puluhan erhm… Vajayjay ooow¬†I was once that GIRL!!! ūüôĀ, pokoknya yg penting bersih & murmer then maybe it’s a good reason to read more for what Pink Parlour Indonesia would offer the best & cleanest service for ur “kitty” in Jakarta. This is not a sponsored post BTW, I’m just excited about the whole concept!!!

The Reception  & Waiting Area, lucu banget kaaaaaannn!!


So my first impression adalah, its pretty huge and interiornya sangat lucu, makes you wanna stay there because it’s so pink and glamorous, ruangan tanning & nail juga terpisah dengan tirai-tirai manik and zebra patterned doors. gak kaya salon wax biasanya yg bentuknya ky di RS cuma tempat tidur & tirai putih, so dari awal juga sebenernya udah keliatan that it’s not just a place to wax, I can tell straight away that its the experience that counts. And aku suka banget that we all have to take off our shoes and they gave us their signature zebra flip-flop selama treatment disana!

The Instavideo I took while I was there

The Treatments

The tagline says it all kan wax, nail, tan tapi yg interesting is that they also have a whitening treatment yang bisa mencerahkan daerah underarm and miss V, also COWOK juga bisa brazillian waxing disini so if you like your man clean drag his ass up here too. So from the ranges of treatments  I chose:

1. The Famous Brazilian Wax (IDR 280,000)

2. Snow White Underarm Treatment (IDR 210,000)

3. Gel Speedy Manicure (IDR 350,000)

The Experience

Waxing & Whitening Room


Even ruangan treatmentnya aja tuh lucu banget, jadi untuk first timers yang takut waxing, all of the pink and chandeliers will ease your fear. Untuk waxing, yang paling menarik adalah customer disuruh cuci – cuci dulu di shower room, gila gw pikir ini sih hygienic banget! Terus aku akuin therapist cekatan (ask for Mawar she’s really good!), my miss V was clean in 15 minutes flat, and it’s Brazilian loh ALL OFF so she was really quick, buat kamu yang gak mau all off juga ada pilihanya kok don’t worry. Yg paling penting, no double dipping, mreka bukan pake piso roti yg di celup oles ke banyak cewek, instead pake stick sekali buang. And they have their own unique hard wax for sensitive area jadi ga tralu sakit.

Their own pink hard wax


Next the therapist suggested me Snow White treatment buat underarm & miss V yg terdiri dari scrub, bleach & serum, I wanted to do the miss V juga tapi katanya lebih baik jangan pas abis wax karena area kulitnya lagi sensitive so better nunggu 1-2 hari. This take around 30 mins. 15 mins each underarm where they put 3 steps, I was ¬†bored to death tapi untungnya lagunya enak-enak, hahaha I was singing from Taio Cruz to Swedish House Mafia. But anyway, the treatment’s pretty simple, ga digosok2 gitu, cuma setiap step your underarm di wrap sama plastik supaya produk meresap. Pas selesai your underarm feels…. soft and lighter. Tapi jangan hayal trus jadi putih cling, ini treatment yg harus dilakukan 1 minggu sekali for best results.

The Nails Zone


Basically they have the express and the non-express mani padi, I took the express one because lagi males aja dipijit-pijit tanganya dan aku pilih nail polish yang gel, pretty pricey in my honest opinion tapi so far udah seminggu nih masih awet glitternya. All in all it was a very girly experience and kalo kamu kaya aku yang suka perntilan and just enjoy the luxury of being pampered, you will love it here. I can’t wait to come back to do my¬†spray tan.¬†For bookings, choices of treatments and harga kamu bisa langsung klik¬†disini

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