My Hair Story

First of all I’m sorry for the long absence, obviously I have failed my #30daysbeautychallenge, it’s so much harder posting on blog rather than IG it!! But I love each challenge so maybe I’ll finish it… Other than that, I’ve been in a horrible mood lately like seriously I’m at the point where I feel so… lost 🙁 I know that I’ll bitchslap my energy back up again….. Haaaaa jadi curhattt gpp yaaa… But anyway, in this post I wanna talk about my hair! Bagi yang gak tau, rambut asliku tuh ombak & ngembang banget, as in frizzy but my scalp is sensitive & gampang berminyak jadi rambutku kombinasi gitu deh and kalo kamu punya masalah yang sama seperti aku, I really recommend untuk membeli shampoo yang sesuai jenis kulit kepala & conditionernya sesuai jenis rambut! Dijamin deh, pasti hair problem solved!

hairphoto 1

 Perbedaan kiri yang udah di catok & yang kanan belum! Look at my anak rambut, liar bgt!!!

hair2photo 2

4 thoughts on “My Hair Story

  1. harumi, pake shampoo and conditioner apa?? karena rambut ku juga gitu, frizzy and frankly, I don’t like it.

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