My Holy Grail Makeup Products

Oooooh my God my last post was like 11 days ago so I had to make up those postssss.. Technically sih ini udah kalah nih #30daysbeautychallenge nya… Tapi gw masa berentiii siiihhh?? Ga dong ya… Ok so anyway… Talking about holygrail makeup products I dont really have any, karena semua makeup buat gw holy grail, gw ga mungkin keluar rumah without any makeup. But if I really have choose, my holy grail products would be anything that has to do with complexion, whatever it is..  concealer, foundation, primer, tinter moisturizers, BB Cream, CC Cream whatever’ll do. I wont be able to say that makeup is complete without a flawless base.
At the moment I am really loving Smashbox CC Cream in Medium. Even though emang sih finish nya rada dewy dan aku harus pake bedak tabur to mattify it but it’s so lightweight dan I receive so many compliments. I recommend this product untuk semua jenis kulit!


6 thoughts on “My Holy Grail Makeup Products

  1. Salam kenal mb harumi..:)
    Mb klw kulit putih cocok g sm smashbox yg medium ini..?Bgsny utk kulit putih yg mn kr2 mb..?

  2. ka aku mau nanya klo benefit, menurut kaka lebih baik beli paket atau satuan? pemula nih ka hehehe thankyou ka.

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