As most of you guys probably notice that this month I’ve been working on The Bodyshop Indonesia‘s latest product which isWhite Shiso BB Serum Inside, it is the first makeup in the world which has serum infused in it jadi benefit skincare nya beneran terasa banget. I’m a fan of BB cream karena for a morning person like me, makeup yang gak ribet pasti will be my favorite. I am aware that this BB cream have only one shade, kecuali yang All in One BB cream which has 3 shades available to match your skin tone so over the past weeks aku pake White Shiso BB serum inside, I’ve found out 3 different ways to use the BB cream

1. Use it As it is

Untuk yang kulitnya putih, this baby works like wonder karena shade nya emang putih dan akan bikin kamu tambah mulus & cerah

2. Use it as a Primer

It’s makeup with a benefit of a skincare so it’s the perfect primer. I apply one light layer of the BB cream sebelum pake foundation or bedak shade aku. Hasilnya makeup lebih tahan lama karena formulasi BB cream nya itu khusus untuk kulit Asia so it will make your makeup goes on smoother!

3. Use it as a Highlighter

My favorite way of using this BB cream, karena warna nya terang so it’s perfect untuk highlight wajah. Jadi abis pake Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation untuk meratakan warna kulit, aku pake BB cream ini dibawah mata & tulang hidung so that my face gak keliatan flat.

3 thoughts on “#HarumiWhiteShiso

  1. Harumi, kalo kulit agak gelap trus pake ini keliatan putih dempul gitu ga sih?? Aku biasa pake yg all in one bb cream nya yg medium..

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