VTI 1st Edition – To: Beautiful You

Akhirnyaaaaa VTI first trove has finally arrive! We have so many amazing brands & products for our first trove, by now kalian sudah dapat 6-8 produk kecantikan dari mulai hair care, skin care, makeup & perfume! I am aware that not all of you receive a full size makeup and this is due to limited supply  (we will try our best for all of you receive a full size makeup in our next edition), however we provide you with at least 2 high end brands products! Aku bener-bener coba sebisa mungkin agar semua trove itu isinya bisa dipake to create a complete look that’s why all of you get 1 pair of lashes! When you share your trove in Twitter or Instagram dont forget to put #vanitytroveid and mention @vanitytroveid also don’t forget to give review of the products you receive this month in our website! Click more to see box combination!

List of products this month:

  1. L’occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
  2. Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus serum
  3. Laneige Water Bank Essence
  4. SAMPAR Glamor Shot Eyes
  5. Elise false eyelashes
  6. SILKYGIRL double intense Gel eyeliner
  7. Lioele Vitashake pack mask
  8. Orlane Whitening cream & serum
  9. Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm
  10. Makeover angelic pink eyeshadow
  11. Shu Uemura Cleansing oil
  12. Makarizo Hair Mask
  13. Makarizo Hair Serum
  14. L’Occitane foot cream
  15. Juicy Couture perfume
  16. Moschino perfume
  17. Britney Spears perfume
Box combinations

–       Elise eyelash + glue

–       Makarizo Hair recovery + mask

–       Laneige

–       Britney perfume

–       Eyeshadow Makeover + pouch


–       Elise eyelash + glue

–       Lioele Secret Pore rich balm

–       Moschino perfume

–       SILKYGIRL Eyeliner

–       Orlane 2

–       Sampar


–       Elise Eyelash + glue

–       Lioele Vitashake Pack

–       Moschino perfume

–       SILKYGIRL Eyeliner

–       Orlane whitening cream & serum

–       Sampar Glamor Shot Eyes


–       Elise + glue

–       Britney perfume

–       Laneige Water Bank Essence

–       Makarizo Repair Mask + serum

–       Orlane whitening cream & serum


–      Elise + glue

–      Clinique serum

–      L’occitane Hand & foot cream

–      Shu Uemura cleansing oil

–       SILKYGIRL Eyeliner

–       Juicy perfume

Special thanks to my beautiful beauty blogger friends Agnes & Felicia! Thank you udah bantuin tutorial pertama VTI yaah…

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