Me for LeSpecs

When LeSpecs Indonesia contacted me, I was like…. Oh my… These are the shades that I never thought would look good on me karena ya kalian tau sendiri lah gw mana kepikiran sih pake kaca mata yang bentuk diamond. Pas shades nya dateng kerumah yang excited malah bukan gw tapi my brother because itu dia banget, I mean for you babes who listens to The Strokes or a fan of The Olsen twins pasti suka deh sama designya yang edgy. Each shade aku cobain & guess what… I LOVE IT, despite the quirky frames all LeSpecs shades punya bantalan hidung jadi buat idung macam punya gw gini shadenya tetep keliatan keren & nyaman karena framenya gak nempel ke pipi on top of that, the prices are super affordable for an Aussie brand!

You can shop for LeSpecs at Plaza Senayan 3rd Floor (Toko sendal Havaianas) 

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