Reuniting with the FIMELAHOOD Girls

Udah sebulan lebih since me, Diana Rikasari, Andra Alodita & Agnes Oryza balik dari Paris Fashion Week bareng & akhirnya kita reunian di FIMELAFEST 2012 yang di adain di Central Park Mall last weekend. Seru banget ketemu kangen-kangenan & share the untold stories about Paris. Mba Dien juga bagiin kacamata AdR for H&M yang kita bawain dari Paris for a lucky winner! BTW FIMELAFEST was a huge success, everything was white & fuchsia! I loveee it… Read more to see photos!

Us sharing the UNTOLD stories about Paris Fashion Week

Everything Fuchsia at FIMELAFEST 2012 

Was going to wear this AdR for H&M choker but the magnet was broken 🙁

Happy Birthday FIMELA!

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