Paris fashion week so far

Sorry banget belum bikin blog post karena setiap harinya super duper sibuk attending & reporting live from one press preview to another. We’re lucky enough untuk ngeliat koleksi Spring/Summer 2013 (baru keluar di toko taun depan) dari merek-merek besar seperti Christian Louboutin, Lanvin & Dior. Setiap harinya selama fashionxploration di Paris, bikin video recap kita ngapain aja dari pagi sampe malem, so far udah ada 3 video jadi kamu tinggal click aja link dibawah ini untuk nonton!

Day 1 – From Louboutin to Loewe

Day 2 – Photoshoot in the middle of Paris!

Day 3 – Street Style

Day 4 – Versailes is where we meant to be!

Day 5 – Last day in Paris

One thought on “Paris fashion week so far

  1. Adore your simple hairbun, make up, and total look! Pls share what u pack in ur luggage for this chic trip coz most woman have trouble to pack travel essentials on the go! HAHAHA. also, pls make tutorial for ur chic hairbun.


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