Meeting Eva Chen

It was the 3rd day of Fimelahood goes to Paris Fashion Week and biarpun seru banget tapi pas kita lagi hunting street style setelah Chloe fashion show, aku udah mulai bosen because I HAVE NO IDEA WHO’S WHO, Diana Rikasari from Hot Chocolate & Mint bener-bener udah excited banget karena menurut dia, everyone who matters in the world of fashion was there and she was busy taking pictures with them sedangkan aku yang “Ohh ada Miroslava Duma, oohh ada Wintour, ooh ada Manrepeller” hahahaha karena I write about beauty dan sama sekali gak ngikutin jenenge sopooo! Aku berharap bisa ketemu seseorang who I can relate to, who write about beauty… I was hoping to meet Eva Chen, beauty director at Teen Vogue. I saw her instagram that she was in Paris for fashion week so I was kinda hoping dan ternyata…….KETEMU! Gilaaaaaa I was so lucky & baik bangetttt orangnya. Watch the video below & you’ll know why I love here!

Eva & I, she said she was using Armani Maestro Foundation (her face was flawless)

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