Mad about: Givenchy Makeup

The silliest thing is that I didn’t know kalo makeup Givenchy udah ada di Jakarta, minggu lalu pas jalan-jalan di Sogo Plaza Senayan ada counternya gitu terus aku agak gondok gara-gara udah beli beberapa produk Givenchy pas di Paris dengan alasan gak ada disini. Biarpun yang koleksi barunya belum masuk tapi good news nya adalah akan masuk so you guys can buy the products here soon!

What I Bought

Le Ombre Noir Multi Purpose Shadow For Eyes –  its unique wax formula allows perfect coverage when used wet or dry. WET: Use as a precision liner, to shape the eyebrows, or coat and colour the lash tips for a jet black, glossy finish

Prisme Libre Air Sensation Lose Powder –  For skin that looks flawlessly perfect yet feels soft and bare, mixture of each quad creates the right color to enhance our skin undertone

Le Prisme Yeus Acoustic Quatour Color Shine For Metallic Eyes – Pressed Eyeshadow with shimmering/metallic finish, best used on top of the Le Ombre Noir

Gloss Balm in Acoustic Wild Rose – Gelée d’Interdit balm gloss offers a glossy, sheer finish and long-term smoothing and plumping effect

Lively Pink Lipstick this magic lipstick when applied turns into a natural looking pink lips

Do you have a Givenchy makeup? What’s your favorite??

6 thoughts on “Mad about: Givenchy Makeup

  1. I think u should make like a video on how to lighten up a dark line on the lips so it looks nice and fuller? Because i have this dark line and everytime i put on a pink lipstick, jadi agak beda gt warna lipsnya and i also want to know all ur favorites makeu product, cause trust me i almost bpught everything u recommend hahaha well thanks before! I hope u consider my request.

    1. Bella – Use concealer/foundation on your lips to neutralize the color, line the darker lip color with a lipliner (warnanya neutral/samain dengan lipstick) & fill in your lips with the lipliner, finally apply lipstick.

  2. I went to the givenchy store and kok gada ya lipstick lively pink nya? Si mba nya malah nnya yg nomor brp ya zzzzz so can u tell me what number it is? Thanks! Is it a magic lipstick or just a pink colored lipstick? And yg gloss itu aslinya kaya transparan2 ungu ada glitter2 gt bukan?? 🙂 thx

    1. Al – I’s just called Lively Pink lipstick, warnanya pink muda bening pas dipake ke bibir jadi pink yg lebih tua. Glossnya ada glitter2 tapi gak transparan2 bgt sih

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