Cat Eyes.. Literally

It’s been 3 years in a row now that I haven’t celebrate Halloween & I really miss getting into costumes… Even though the real meaning of celebrating Halloween is pretty spooky but like any other girls (and boys) in the world, I like to celebrate it in an un-spooky way by experimenting with makeup! So apparently I kinda miss this year’s Halloween weekend too, but since it’s not the 31st yet so it’s forgivable if I still want to post some costume inspirations right? Hehehe..

Click click click to see what eyeliner & fake lashes I used to achieve this serious cat eyes

Ardell Wispies

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Eyeliner

Featured in my What’s In My Makeup Bag video, aku pake eyeliner ini untuk membuat efek cat eyes yang dramatis di bagian dalam mata jadi matanya kaya kucing! Untuk bikin garis yang tegas & rapi, aku rekomendasikan untuk pake liquid eyeliner dibanding pensil atau gel, kalo misalnya belum biasa pake yang liquid, bikin dulu aja polanya pake yang pensil baru ditebelin pake eyeliner liquid.

4 thoughts on “Cat Eyes.. Literally

  1. Harumi,kamu tau pixiwoo kan pastinya? You have to try their brush,realtechniques! They’re the best so far i think 🙂

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