My First Magazine Cover

Sooo excited to be on Prestige’s September issue cover along with my other gorgeous entrepreneur friends Michelle Surjaputra, Michelle Santoso, Mesty Ariotedjo & Nila Susilo. It was such a fun and tiring photoshoot, temanya Chic In The City kita foto di daerah Kuningan, which was in Otel Lobby restaurant. Capek juga gonta-ganti baju, pose for like 100x huhuhu susah juga ya jadi model 🙁 Please watch our behind the scenes of the September issue cover!

Abis shoot ini selesai aku langsung rendem kaki pake air anget & massage pake Voltaren hahahaha asli yang namanya pegel sih parah banget. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to running with heels but not when I have to stand up straight from 10AM – 6PM, my legs were toned in a flash! Hahahaha.. For you who use heels daily, never forget to soak & massage your feet in a warm water untuk mencegah varises!

2 thoughts on “My First Magazine Cover

  1. you might be not a model kak , but you do looks GREAT in those photoshoot , i like when you wore that red dress in the cover of that magazine, you looks sexy ka (envy hahah ) 🙂

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