Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder & Secret Pore Rich Balm

Korea and their innovative makeup… I’m still very much amazed on how this country can provide most of Asian women vanity needs, all of their products are literally the answers of Asian women skin problems. I’m in a huge Korean makeup hype these days! So here’s my respond to your request on which Lioele products you want me to review on! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Lioele Secret Pore HD Powder & Secret Pore Rich Balm

  1. harumii…love your review and your website…
    review tentang BB cream etude dong atau BB cream dari produk lainnya..
    i love how you put the eyeshadow..bikin tutorialnya dong hehe
    aaa…semangat and sukses selalu harumiii

    1. Avrenita – Eehh ada Avreee hehehe… Aku dah ga pke BB cream, udah bosen Vre… Baca blog post aku ttg BB cream yg jaman dulu deh ada kok

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