Glam Time

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Photoshoots are so fun (and tiring at times) no wonder supermodels are paid SO high because unlike acting or singing, modeling rely on your body language ONLY. Not your eyes but your SMIZE (smile with your eyes) and over the years since I start blogging I’ve become a self proclaimed model, posing in front of my laptop or taking gazillion selfies. Guess what, I eventually get paid for it hahahaha (ujung-ujungnya duit) but for this fun project I did with Vanny a talented young makeup artist along with Mira for hairdo and Edo as photographer, we had a pro-bono glamorous session to complete each other’s portfolio. I love these kind of projects because I get to meet people with different passions and making new friends is the best treasure anyone can have. All contact lenses I use in this photoshoot are by Geo Softlens Room and for anyone of you who asks what’s my hair color, it’s 11.7 Ash Blonde by L’Oreal and I got my hair colored at Irwan Team PIM 1 by Yanto. Read more to see MORE glam pics and comment below which one is your favorite!

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Red Wine Spa Anyone?

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I drink wine, I love wine, I can never have too many glasses of wine so when I received an email from the Intercontinental Hotel Spa to try their Red Wine Wrap Spa Treatment I immediately said YES! It sounds expensive right? Well it is expensive but if you’re the type who seeks for extraordinary spa treatments then this treatment is perfect. Indulge in a 120 minutes of wine tranquility in the heart of Jakarta city.


I personally love going to the spa, I love massages and body treatments and as much as I love traditional spa I often get bored of the same ol “traditional Javanese massage & scrub” package and look for eye catching spa menu to try. About a month ago I tried the Red Wine Wrap treatment at the Intercontinental Hotel Spa and at first I was like “hmmm maybe this treatment includes wine tasting and have a tipsy massage” hahahahaha I seriously thought that. But as I stepped in to the South-West Amrica themed spa I was in for a detoxifying & anti aging spa treatment. Read more

Professional For The Amateur

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I’ve asked around to my brother, my photographer bestfriends, even my boyfriend about what camera should I get for blogging purposes and they all answered “definitiely an SLR camera” in which I am always interested but I am always intimidated because I feel it takes extra skill and tweak while I’m more a point and shoot girl, so my camera searching just kind of went blah up until I saw Michelle from Glister Blister posted Samsung NX 200 camera which she stated had a an autoshare button that can automatically transfers the photos from the camera to any smartphone, and I decided to give it a try and I brought it to Stockholm. Even better, the Samsung Indonesia team let me try their latest version which is the NX 300 and I am not a legit gadget reviewer but I’ll try my best to explain how perfect this camera is for anyone who’s just like me, wants a pretty picture and can instantly upload it.

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Forever Young

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Okay maybe the blog title kinda reminds you of that song Foreveeer young… I want to be forever youngg… Well apart from that it also kind of reminds me of that youth elixir in the movie Death Becomes Her hahahahaha it’s one of my favorite movie and I’m proud to say that I have my own youth elixir that doesn’t involve freakish immortal spell like in the movie and yes you’ve guessed it, it’s Drops Of Youth pre serum by The Bodyshop and below is the video I made with them in which I can’t stop laughing because trust me we made this video super spontaneous and there were no script, there are some things that I said here like “Woww kaya Ghooost” itu apa coba hahahahaha I couldn’t believe I actually said that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!

Makeup Products I used in this video:


You can shop all of the products used by visiting here

Lipstick in The Making

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photo 4-2
This was the highlight of day 4 for me, we were the last group to visit the Oriflame’s lab and apart from me creating my own lipstick I was so inspired by the ladies who took cosmetic science major and were the executives of Oriflame’s R&D team. Talking about girl power! Read more about my exciting lipstick making experience!

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