VanityTroveID x Lancome

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Ladies,  in the mean time we’re preparing the bigger surprise for you we present to you our first exclusive trove with Lancome, isinya 9 produk terbaru berukuran deluxe sample from the Betty Boop collection, personally my love for Lancome have grown since I fell inlove with their Gel Eclat face wash & Teint Miracle Foundation so doing this tutorial felt very special because I  love each products featured here!


What’s Inside The Trove (in deluxe sample size):

- La Vie Est Belle Shower Gel, Body Lotion & Eau de perfume
- Advanced Genifique Youth Activator
- Genefique Light Pearl Eye Illuminating Youth Activator
- Vissionaire Polishing Cream
- UV Expert GN Shield BB Base SPF 50 PA+++
- Teint Miracle Foundation
- Hypnose Star 24hr Waterproof Mascara

I would like to give special thanks to Jemme Jewelry & Restaurant and Villa Narnia  for providing us with super glamorous jewels & shooting place.


My Hair Story

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First of all I’m sorry for the long absence, obviously I have failed my #30daysbeautychallenge, it’s so much harder posting on blog rather than IG it!! But I love each challenge so maybe I’ll finish it… Other than that, I’ve been in a horrible mood lately like seriously I’m at the point where I feel so… lost :( I know that I’ll bitchslap my energy back up again….. Haaaaa jadi curhattt gpp yaaa… But anyway, in this post I wanna talk about my hair! Bagi yang gak tau, rambut asliku tuh ombak & ngembang banget, as in frizzy but my scalp is sensitive & gampang berminyak jadi rambutku kombinasi gitu deh and kalo kamu punya masalah yang sama seperti aku, I really recommend untuk membeli shampoo yang sesuai jenis kulit kepala & conditionernya sesuai jenis rambut! Dijamin deh, pasti hair problem solved!

hairphoto 1

 Perbedaan kiri yang udah di catok & yang kanan belum! Look at my anak rambut, liar bgt!!!

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VTI July Edition: Seaside Beauty

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Honestly I’m more excited about the vouchers this month, I mean all of you receive a Brazilian Pink Parlor voucher which will get your Miss V bikini ready, and if you pay a visit, you’ll know that they have the best spray tan service in Jakarta, and untuk yang dapet Ristra lipstick you can exchange it for a 100rb voucher in House of Ristra! My other top picks are the body products, Vaseline &  Clarins are both infused with amazing ingredients to make our skin smooth and 22nya wanginya gak terlalu strong which I love! Ladies, please fill out your beauty profile on because this will be our last surprise trove… We are planning a bigger surprise for you next month!


What’s my scent?

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Ngasal banget ya gw skip topik and just write whatever I want in the #30daysbeautychallenge hahahaha, well abisnya I feel like gw jarang nulis tentang perfume. For me, perfume tuh sifatnya personal banget, gw bisa seneng or sedih karena nyium satu aroma. Like misalnya, liburan summer 2 years ago gw pake perfumenya Molton Brown and kalo nyium bau itu, gw bisa remember all the things that happened (including pisah with my summer fling nooooo) hahahaha.. In general, I love sweet scents.. Beda banget sama nyokap yang sukanya earthy banget, she even likes men perfume. Gw ga bisa. My tip is to find your favorite scent, the one that makes you smile when you spray it on, or sometimes kamu bisa mix your own scent by combining 2 perfumes supaya kalo kamu dateng orang tau just by the smell. Dibawah ini adalah perjalanan perfume dari SMP – sekarang

SMP (masa mainstream & labil, butuh role model hahahaha)


Britney Spears Curious in Control, Beyonce True Star, Paris Hilton Just Me

SMA (udah mulai tau mau ngapain tapi masih sotoy)


Summer by Kenzo, Jo Malone French Lime Blossom, Stella by Stella Mccartney

Kuliah (ini yang aku pake sekarang)


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Makeup Storage

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Bosennn sih show my makeup storage, if you follow my IG pasti udh pernah liat betapa berantakanya aku, I have makeup everwhere.. Like literally, bisa tiba2 nemu mascara di meja makan gitu saking akunya jg klo dandan ga di satu tempat. But anyway, I googled makeup storage and I found some that can be your inspiration.

Satukan produk berdasarkan jenis, kalo lipstik memang lebih indah & mudah dicari kalo per warna di groupinya


And personally I love to store my makeup sesuai dengan brand, dilihatnya jg lebih enak dan jadi bisa tau kira-kira makeup mana yang kita “kebanyakan” punya atau belum punya sama sekali


last but not least, you always have to have 2 of everything 1 buat yang dirumah satu lagi buat yang dibawa-bawa, aku ga pernah bawa foundation di tas makeup atau lose powder gitu segede gaban, yg dibawa harus selucu dan seringkas mungkin


Whats’s your makeup storage like?