EtCetera New Collection

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Pertama kali tau EtCetera itu pas zaman SMP, lagi jalan-jalan di Metro pasti mampir kesini karena koleksinya pas banget untuk dipake acara semi formal, pilihanya warnanya juga netral dan bisa di mix and match dengan banyak aksesoris and ofcourse the price is very friendly :) Jadi pas aku di hubungi untuk melakukan photoshoot koleksi terbaru dari EtCetera I was very excited karena this is a brand that’s been pretty familiar in my style sphere.

In collaboration with FIMELA I modeled some of their latest collection with pretty blogger Regina Raquel.

frame 3

frame 4

frame 2

frame 1

Don’t forget to visit EtCetera boutique at your nearest department store!

Multipurpose Skincare

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Aku paling anti bawa full sized products atau terlalu banyak “perintilan” saat traveling, pertama aku gak suka bawaan berat, kedua chance untuk bawa full size product bocor itu besar dan bakal ruin everything, ketiga aku selalu bawa skincare yang fungsinya lebih dari satu jadi gak ribet. Actually the third reason also applies on my everyday beauty routine, especially my morning one because I’m ALWAYS in a hurry pasti pake skincare yang gak ribet cuma udah banyak kegunaanya. In this special collaboration with SK-II through Female Daily & Clozette Indonesia, I picked 3 skincare yang kegunaanya  lebih dari satu and can be your bestfriend while traveling or on the go.

BTS Deets


IMG_0919Top: NEU Look/ Jeans: Forever 21/ Bag: Chanel/ Shoes: Christian Louboutin/ Watch: DeLacour


That day the Female Daily team kind of raided my makeup pouch, so some of the stuffs I mention here are included in their Inside Harumi’s Makeup Pouch post




- bareMinerals correcting concealer in Tan

- Chanel Mat Lumiere Perfection Powder in 10 Beige

- Mally Beauty Believable Bronze palette


- UDPP Primer Potion

-iShine eyeshadow palette in Dunes, I only use the bronze one all over my lid’

- Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, I gave my upper lid a nice winged Eyeliner

- Elise eyelashes in 5194 if I’m not mistaken, I kinda forgot the code


- Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey

Okay back to topic multipurpose skincare… For me penting banget agar kulit bebas dari foundation or heavy makeup saat di pesawat karena that will dry up your skin when you land and that does not look pretty. Lebih baik dandan saat mau landing dan sebisa mungkin give maximum and comfort to your skin while on board.

Keeping skin breathing, minimal makeup, and letting my skin rest…. Well I still use eyeliner just in case I meet someone cute on board. Lol


Products Used:

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Pindahkan sedikit produk ke small spray bottle jadi gak perlu bawa packaging kacanya, selain jadi lebih travel friendly hal ini juga memudahkan untuk mengaplikasikan produknya ke muka karena tinggal spray and massage it with your fingers. I’m sure everyone has their own way of applying FTE,  this product has been so popular and I want to know how YOU apply yours and share your experience here

For more info on this particular product, click here


Jafra Mud Mask 



-       Avene Thermal Spring Water


YOU can win the most famous, award winning product by SK-II by simply joining Female Daily & Clozette Indonesia  giveaway HERE

New Tutorial with Shoppingmagz

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Sooooo… I know I’ve been absent in making beauty tutorials…. This is because my production team was busy doing their movie project so I was idle for so long because I do realize I need my team and I can’t film on my own. Good news is that my production house is the same company as shoppingmagz, an online magazine in which Aldo Akira & I was on the last month cover. Read the full issue here

Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 7.47.21 PM

We had a couple of collaborations together and they decided to help me film my tutorials with their production team. It’s not easy to find a production team that understands the flow of making a beauty tutorial and it’s so important to have a chemistry with the team, thank GOD I really have an awesome time with the new crew and I’m happy to say that there will be 2 new tutorials each month, one is exclusively for shoppingmagz and the other one I will post on my YouTube channel. Here’s a preview of my first look I did with them. To watch the whole video tutorial click here

Products Used (all products are GO GREEN! No Animal testing!!!)


- Equil Facial Spray (out soon)

- bareMinerals concealer in Tan

- BoHo mineral powder foundation

- The Bodyshop shimmer waves

Eyes & Brows

- The Bodyshop Color Crush Eyeshadow in Be My Clementine

- BoHo eye pencil in Turquoise

- The Bodyshop Liquid Eyeliner

- The Bodyshop Color Crush Eyeshadow in Brownie & Clyde

- The Bodyshop Brow & Liner Kit

- Lavie Lash in Snowdrop


- Lime Crime Velvetines in Pink Velvet


What You Need Is Some Almond Lovin’

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Sebenernya aku juga bertanya-tanya kenapa gak pernah kasih in depth review tentang produk yang satu ini. Kenyataannya aku sudah pake L’Occitane Almond Milk Concentrate dari zaman masih pake seragam rok biru tua, yang pertama kali bawain tuh Ibuku… Inget banget dia bilang “Pake ya tiap abis mandi, you’ll thank me later” and so I did apply it as my everyday morning routine sampe akhirnya I decide to write this review. Sekarang kan heboh almond milk dimana-mana, nah saya mah dari dulu juga udah nge-almond di beauty products! Selain itu Almond Supple Skin Oil nya juga produk yang baru aku coba but I instantly fall in love with it and it’s just the perfect combo. I really wanna share my love for these products and I want to recommend it to you so you can recommend it to your sister, bestfriend or your daughter! Supaya kamu juga bisa bilang apa yang ibuku bilang ke aku “You’ll thank me later”. 

Rangkaian Almond dari L’Occitane adalah salah satu rangkaian andelannya yang memang dari dulu udah ada dan terkenal dengan keampuhan melembapkan kulit secara instan cuma mereka baru re-launch dengan ingredients baru yang selain melembapkan juga bisa membuat kulit jadi lebih firm. Selama ini kenapa aku cinta banget sama rangkaian ini terutama Almond Milk Concentrate, berkat pake setiap hari bertahun-tahun aku hampir gak ada stretchmark (ini adalah guratan-guratan putih yang kadang menonjol di permukaan kulit akibat jaringan kulit yang robek karena adanya peregangan yang terlalu cepat) I’m not saying I’m Giselle Bundchen yang badannya free from cellulite dan stretchmark, cuma karena bagian-bagian seperti paha, perut dan lengan selalu lembap jadi logikanya jaringan kulitnya ga pernah stress dan mau aku lagi kurus ataupun gendut si kulit ya ngikutin aja, the result is soft and stretchmark free body even though I got some junk in the trunk! Read more

Smooth Hair with Makarizo MAXI Smoothing

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Rambut asliku tuh bergelombang dan sangat ngembang, dan setiap pagi tuh lama banget untuk get ready karena my hair will just take forever to dry, cuma takut juga di rebonding atau smoothing soalnya hasilnya takut lurus jigrik… Akhirnya I decide untuk melakukan MAXI Smoothing karena hasilnya rapi dan lurus natural!

Visit your nearest salon yang ada Makarizo nya to try this service!