Philips Ionic Brush

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Sometimes I like that effortless kinda messy hair cuma yang jelas biarpun terlihat “messy” bukan berarti rambut harus kusut jadi kalo aku sih tetep mengutamakan kelembutan rambut. FYI rambut kusut itu adalah salah satu tanda rambut rusak lho, ya berarti kan setiap helai rambutnya tidak halus makanya jadi susah diatur dan kusut . Atau mungkin problem kamu adalah anak rambut yang terlalu statis, jadi kalo cewek normal rambunya statis pas lagi naik pesawat aja nah loh kok kamu statis mulu kaya kesetrum?! Hahaha anyway..That’s why selain menggunakan perawatan rambut yang tepat pastinya menyisir rambut juga penting supaya rambut tetap rapi apalagi kalo sisirnya canggih dan mengandung fungsi khusus yang bisa menyulap rambutmu from flat to fab in seconds!

If you’re wondering what is this “magic” tool it is the NEW Philips Ionic Brush, sisir rambut yang secara otomatis mengeluarkan ION negatif yang akan menetralkan ion positif yang menyebabkan rambut statis.

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My First Ever Skin Lightening Product

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Not that I need to lighten my skin, I mean if you’re my follower by now you already know that I’m all about embracing our natural skin tone but last week bekas jerawatku udah bener-bener bikin gila, mungkin dulu aku gak terlalu concern sama “small imperfections” tapi semakin sini aku semakin sering photoshoot yang membuatku jadi pay extra attention to those small issues dan gak cuma wajah aja aku mau dong punya warna kulit badan yang rata dan mulus yang membuatku terlihat sama or even better in real life than in photos!

Dari situlah keinginanku untuk mempunyai kulit yang lebih bening berubah menjadi sebuah beauty quest untuk menemukan produk yang bisa mengurangi bekas jerawat sekaligus mencerahkan kulit wajah dan juga badan (please note bukan memutihkan kulit ya!) Cuma yang jelas aku gak mau pake krim pemutih atau semacamnya karena untuk skincare aku tidak bisa lepas dari Dr.Puspita jadi pas aku discover produk rangkaian sabun Kojic Acid dari brand Kojie San yang menurut review dari beauty blogger  adalah sabun batang kecantikan yang berasal dari Filipina dimana bahan dasarnya berasal dari fermentasi beras Jepang adalah Kojic Acid. Sudah dipercaya wanita sejak jaman jebot untuk mengatasi masalah kulit dari mulai jerawat hingga pigmentasi. On top of that sabun ini juga adalah best kept secrets of most women for their milky bright skin. Penasaran kan???
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Say Goodbye To Your Underarm Hair Forever

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I used to be a heavy waxer, I wax like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t give mercy for a single hair to grow because I don’t see it not only as a beauty regimen but also for hygiene purposes especially the underarm and feminine area, keeping those area clean is definitely one of a woman’s MUST do. Then it got me thinking… I’ve been waxing since I was fifteen and I don’t think dealing with unwanted hair is something I want to continue for the rest of my life and there is one hair removal option that I haven’t try which is the Alpha Light and I thank Pink Parlour for providing such service because this machine will detonate unwanted hair roots and gradually remove them F O R E V E R. I mean… Who would say no to clean underarm fo lyf?!
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MyTipsCantik x DFK

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Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 1.32.55 AM

Screen shot 2014-11-04 at 1.05.04 AM

Sejujurnya rasa ketertarikan aku untuk Indonesia’s fashion designers bertambah saat aku terpilih menjadi salah satu official blogger untuk Jakarta Fashion Week & Dewi Fashion Knight tahun lalu. I watched as our top models strut the runway draped in beautiful creations by our local talented designers, everything was so on point and each designers had their own flare, I was mesmerized.

Since then I am constantly more aware and excited about everything that revolves around our local fashion industry. I wear local brands more often, I promote local brands with all my heart and I am beyond proud to be joining the JFW official blogger team again this year.

As you guys know obviously I don’t really write about fashion my passion is beauty and of course those two worlds goes together like peanut butter and jelly, there’s no beauty without fashion and vice versa so I am interpreting this year’s DFK makeup look by Qiqi Franky. I can’t tell you yet from which of the five designers (Vinora, Auguste Soesastro, Priyo Oktaviano, Nurzahra, Sapto Djojokartiko) will rock this particular cat eye & red glossy lips look but for sure I’ve made it wearable enough so you ladies can rock everyday like you’re strutting the runway!

Photography & Videography by: William Chandra 

So I guess I’ll see you on my IG and Twitter timeline for #DFK2014 LIVE updates! For more info abour Dewi Fashion Knights please visit

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PIXY Bright Fix BB Cream might be your new beauty BFF

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I received the latest product from PIXY just when I thought I was over with the BB cream hype… As much as I want to get over this beauty staple and move on to the next alphabet list (read: CC or DD cream) I voluntarily continue using BB cream because for my oily & acne prone complexion this type of skincare infused makeup gives me the best “natural” coverage.

Other than the super cute (pink) packaging, what caught my attention from PIXY BB Cream Bright Fix is the smart lock powder formula which means it has natural matte finish as if you put powder on top and lasts for up to 12 hours. It sounds perfect for me who’s always on the go and wants something easy to apply without using too much tools or steps. If you’re like me you should read more to see why I say that this product might just be your new beauty BFF.
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