First Impression Review: Benefit Big Easy

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Ini produk namanya panjang.. I mean it says a lot of things on the packaging until I realize it is only called Benefit Big Easy hahahaha… This is one of my new favorite products for traveling because I really don’t have to take a whole lot of face products and I hate overpacking!


As I mentioned in the video, kamu bisa dapetin produk ini di toko Benefit Cosmetics atau bagi yang diuar kota bisa melalui online shop trusted yang biasa aku belanja yaitu @dejoyofmakeup (check di IG)

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My One Day Stay at Sheraton Kuta

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I don’t remember when was the last time I set my foot in Kuta. I guess it was years and years ago when Waterbom, Go Kart and obviously, Pantai Kuta was my main interest. I remember that was like a little heaven for fat little Harumi, and my parents would insist to stay at other areas such as Sanur or Nusa Dua but I insisted to stay in Kuta. There was something so fun about staying there, I would get my hair braided by the beach and pretending to be skillful at boogie board each time I hit the waves. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about dear 90’s generation.


Many trips to Bali went by and I shifted from Kuta to explore other parts of Bali leaving my childhood habits behind. During those many trips to Bali I rarely go to Kuta because I remember there was a lot of construction going on and well I wanted to be less “touristy”. I roamed around Seminyak area for most of my trips favoring the party scenes. Up until two weeks ago I was invited to stay at Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort for my Beauty Talk event at Beachwalk and after many years of not setting my foot in Kuta, I was completely blown away with how well developed the area is!

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The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick Swatches

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the one lipstick


If there’s one product that I had to pick amongst all of The ONE collection. Indefinitely it will be The Colour Unlimited Lipstick. I AM INLOVE with the colors and other than that I think the texture, longevity and moisture is just amazing.

I mean.. I’m such a lipstick girl and since I knew how Oriflame developed their lipstick from scratch through my lab visit earlier this year, I am in no doubt that their formulas are safe and most importantly non drying. The color range is just impeccable and I was lucky enough to receive three colors which are Absolute Blush  (my favorite!!), Pink Unlimited and Violet Extreme.

The finish of the lipsticks are buildable enough until your desired tone. 1 swipe is usually enough for sheer everyday look but if you want it to be more vibrant like I do, I swipe a 2nd and even 3rd layer for a nice color. I love how the finish is not too shiny, it has just the perfect hint of gloss.

Honestly I am not sure when are The ONE collection will be hitting Indonesia (please comment below if you know they have) because I’ve received a lot of comments on their availability here.



Harumi Sudrajat0553

Harumi Sudrajat0585

Harumi Sudrajat0618

Harumi Sudrajat0642

Harumi Sudrajat0660

Photo Credits: Xenia Veryano / Max Project


Pictorial: The One Oriflame Forrest Green

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Harumi Sudrajat0682

So.. Before you’re all confused on why there are so many products in The ONE range it’s because it is divided in 3 categories, Everyday Beauty, Longwear & High Impact. Produk dibalik nama setiap kategori juga sesuai dengan deskripsinya, jadi sebenernya kamu gak usah bingung. Eyeshadow yang aku terima adalah dari kategori Everyday Beauty that’s why simple banget dan cuma terdiri dari dua warna. The colors I received for the color match eyeshadow duo are Forrest Green & Midnight Purple (pictorial here), and even though these aren’t your typical everyday neutrals, in very simple steps I find wearing green very refreshing and wearable to wear daily! Take a look below:

Mix warna hijau muda + hijau tua untuk warna kelopak 


Sapukan warna hijau muda sepanjang garis mata bawah untuk tampilan yang menyegarkan


Bingkai mata menggunakan The ONE Eyeliner Stylo warna Blue sepanjang garis mata atas membentuk soft cat eye


Last but not least, tambahkan bulu mata palsu agar mata terlihat lebih hidup


The Finished Look (using all The ONE Products)

Harumi Sudrajat0676

- Illuskin Foundation

- Colour match duo eyeshadow in Forrest Green

- Eyeliner Stylo in Blue

- Colour unlimited lipstick in Absolute Blush

Photo Credits: Xenia Veryano / Max Project


Pictorial: The One Oriflame Midnight Purple

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Harumi Sudrajat0689b

One of the most basic look that you can create is… Smoky eyes dan sebenernya ini adalah salah satu look tergampang yang bisa kamu apply karena gak perlu banyak warna dan produk. Eye makeup look diatas aku pake The One Colour Match Eyeshadow Duo in Midnight Purple yang isinya dua warna eyeshadow, satu ungu gelap sekali (menuju hitam menurutku) dan satu lagi warna silver, basically to achieve a smoky eye you literally only need a dark & light shade. Simak pictorial dibawah ini untuk lihat betapa gampangnya bikin smoky eyes.


Highlight tulang alis menggunakan shade silver dari mulai bagian tengah sampai bawah buntut alis



Sapukan warna ungu tua ke seluruh kelopak mata yang bergerak 


Sapukan juga sepanjang garis mata bawah dan baurkan sampai sesuai dengan efek smoky yang kamu inginkan 


Smoky Eyes gak akan komplit kalo bulmatanya gak hits, disini aku sapukan The  ONE High Impact Mascara


Untuk efek yang lebih dramatis aku menempelkan bulu mata palsu yang tidak terlalu panjang


The Finished Look (Using All The ONE Products)

Harumi Sudrajat0704a

- Illuskin Foundation

- Colour Match Eyeshadow Duo in Midnight Purple

- High Impact Mascara

- Colour Unlimited Lipstick in Endless Red

Photo Credits: Xenia Veryano / Max Project