Loving My Skin and I get Paid for It

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I receive so many good response in IG on my #nofilter #nocamera360 post which I took this morning. I wasn’t wearing any foundation in that photo and the natural lighting pretty much highlight how my latest endorsed product from The Bodyshop called Drops of Youth pre serum transformed my skin into this fresh, firm and flushed in 4 weeks. You might think “Oh she’s being paid for this so of course she says good things”, I mean yeah duh I do get paid but come on you be the judge of my skin! You know how insecure I was if you read my post about my battle with acne so when it comes to skincare it is my job to present to you something that actually WORKS on me and hopefully on you too.


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What I Learnt From a LBD

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It’s the new year and like any other normal woman I wrote “Be Skinnier” in my 2014 resolution and I actually took an express route before the New Year. It’s nothing new for me, doing something “express” and wanting  a quick result but thanks to a little black dress I added a new resolution in 2014. Read more to find out!

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Getting personal: First blog post in 2014

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Hello 2014, hello blog and hello you. It’s been one hell of a long time since I write and I’m running out of excuse on what’s my excuse this time on being absence for so long. I guess that’s my habit, I just leave when I’m uninterested.  I live my life, dealing with the real world and leaving my blog behind, untouched. Then I start to miss it, because I realize I’ve been keeping so many things inside while I usually share it with you. So here it is, my first blog post in 2014. Hoping that you will still care about my ramblings, what am I up to, what’s my plan, because in the end my blog is me. One of my resolutions this year is to be more personal with you, I’ve been in the online world for so long and maybe you’ve been following me for that long and I guess it’s time to open up. For you who just “met” me, well then Hello my name is Harumi and I’m a beauty blogger who’s about to get very personal to my followers.

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Menuju akhir taun aku seneng banget karena aku dapet kesempatan untuk bekerja sama dengan banyak sekali brand yang sama sekali gak pernah terfikirkan oleh aku, salah satunya Indomaret. My first reaction waktu dapet tawaran ini adalah… Wow hebat juga ya sekarang Indomaret aktif di online activation dan one of their first project I’m collaborating with them is Beautiful You Challenge yang berakhir akhir December. Nonton video & teasernya untuk tau cara ikutanya gimana!

Caranya gampang banget!

1. Beli produk kecantikan di Indomaret manapun

2. Bikin photo atau video testimonial on why you love the product

3. Upload ke http://beautifulyou.indomaret.co.id/



Samsung Galaxy Commenity

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The first time being contacted with the SAMSUNG team to be a part of this project along with other passionate young individuals, I was so honoured because SAMSUNG Galaxy ComMEnity is a very interesting online community where you can share your passion, thoughts and even make new friends in a positive way in the online world. Shooting the video was also memorable because I get to meet the lovely Yuki Kato, Jeje & Michael Cools even though I had to miss my boyfriend’s birthday dinner at the time but it was all worth it after watching the final result. Hope you like it too guys :)

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