A Trip to Ubud: Bisma Eight

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First of all Happy New Year so sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been BURIED in uni stuff and guess what….The first news thing that kicks of the year is that my thesis is postponed. Karena satu dan lain hal yang aku sangat males ngebahasnya detailnya tapi yang jelas lulusnya tetep taun ini, but instead of August pake toganya malah baru bulan November #nasib­ but anyway thank you for the amazing support, apa lagi buat kamu yang ninggalin komen di blog it really means so much for me because I put my heart and soul when writing a post so thank you!

Anyway, I want to share my long awaited update on the Ubud trip I did a couple of months ago. When it comes to planning a getaway I can be really organized or spontaneous but for sure nothing in between and visiting Bisma Eight in Ubud lies in the first category, I have planned it waaaay before but just happens that haven’t find the right time to go so when I had the chance I just packed my bags (as well as my Sunscreen) and goooo!

This was my first time staying in Ubud karena sebelumnya gak ada yang mau nemenin, not even my boyfriend soalnya pada bilang nggak tau mau ngapain, karena biasanya kita visit cuma buat makan Bebek Bengil atau ngopi di Bridges, gak pernah sampe nginep! Jadi aku bener-bener excited untuk stay dan explore daerah yang beberapa tahun belakangan ini berubah menjadi salah satu tujuan yang hip di Bali.

Pas mendarat di Bali me & my photographer aka lil sis from another mother, Xenia Veryano dijemput sama staff Bisma Eight dan langsung meluncur ke Ubud, my first impression was they had a fresh flower in the car and we were offered cold towels to refresh, amenities game strong! Talking about details! I feel pampered already!

Perjalanan ke Ubud sekitar 45 menit dari airport dan kita nyampe udah malem jadi ya ga bisa liat pemandangan juga tapi pas nyampe Ubud I recognized the main road & attractions dan hotelnya itu ada di ujung Jl. Bisma which is agak diujung tapi bukan di ujung dunia yang sepi jangkrik gitu, it’s still pretty close to the main road dan menurut aku lokasinya pas banget.

Untuk ukuran boutique hotel, the property is not boutique at all in my honest opinion, the hotel design has a modern aesthetic feel to it which is a bit different from the usual Ubud hotels. I stayed at the Garden Suites which is on the lower ground and has direct access to the canopy courtyard and pas di escort ke kamar I was surprised because it was HUGE and so cozy! Living area dan sleep area nya dibatasi oleh pembatas sliding.  Semua kamar di Bisma Eight itu suite jadi emang ukuranya luas and you can’t miss the Japanese inspired tub, rasanya langsung pengen berendem (which I did right after I unpack). This was the perfect start of a tranquil stay.


File 10-01-16 9.52.46 PM.jpeg

I woke up early the next day so I can join the complimentary Yoga class at the hotel rooftop and menurut aku ini plus point karena biasanya kelas yoga tuh mulainya pagi banget dan jujur I’d rather sleep for that extra 30 minutes dibanding harus bangun lebih pagi dan effort jalan ke tempat yoga LOL, afterall it’s not a legit Ubud getaway without a Yoga class



After Yoga class I head on to the Copper Kitchen & Bar to have my organic a la carte breakfast, this contemporary kitchen has the best natural lighting everywhere, my breakfast view was the canopy courtyard. Copper Kitchen & Bar serves food for and from the soul; food that embraces the depth of Asian culinary tradition and when I say organic, I really mean it. All of their food are made with high quality ingredients, some of them are from their own Bisma Garden (you can actually join the gardening class and bantuin ambil hasil panen), all of them were INSANELY good and healthy, and if you prefer something a lil’ bit greasier they also serve Dim Sum and Mie Goreng so don’t worry about pleasing your tastebud.


Egg’s benedict, Smoothie Bowl, Avocado Toast


I chose to chill by the pool and explore Ubud after lunch because I simply can’t miss the world famous Bisma Eight infinity pool, which had been raved by many Travel blogs.


In my clock it wasn’t too early for cocktail so I lounge around and sipped the cold wine and gin based Bisma Garden cocktail  by the poolside flanked by Batukaru mountains and extended foilage from the monkey forrest. Then had a sweet potato fries and RAW pizza for lunch by the Pavilion and I never had a raw pizza before so it was definitely something new.

 Read “How To Create a Billion Dollar App”  I totally recommend it!

File 10-01-16 9.54.44 PM.jpeg

Lunch at the Pool Pavilion


After lunch I explored Ubud, went to Pomegranate café, which took a little effort to go because the road was too small for a car to get in so we had to walk there but the view was so gorgeous (even though the food sucks IMHO)

Coming down from Copper Kitchen & Bar


Pomegranate Cafe


Before the sunset I was already back ay the hotel soalnya the view is just amazing from the pool so I can’t miss that then for dinner & drinks we enjoyed delicious cuisines at Copper Kitchen & Bar, and I ordered the sweet potato fries (again) because its SOOOO GOOD.

The next day I woke up late but just in time for breakfast and since it was our last day I wont check out without taking another plunge at the infinity pool and of course take some amazing pics for me to share on my blog.




It’s soooo hard for me to leave, I wish I could stay longer and explore more of Ubud. It was such an amazing stay, Bisma Eight was just perfect for an Ubud newbie like me dan gak kaya kebanyakan hotel di Ubud yang menurutku kadang terlalu kampong glam “Ubud” stereotype, hotel ini ada touch of modernism and simplicity which I absolutely enjoyed.


Special thanks to Tarun & all the Bisma Eight family for the hospitality. Will definitely visit again!

Photo Credits: Xenia Veryano

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