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I have a confession to make….. In my 5 years experience of blogging I’ve never enjoy taking an OOTD. in case you haven’t notice but my IG feed is just full of ma face rather than flaunting on what I’m wearing that day. To be honest the reason why is 1. No one around me is able to help me take an instaworthy OOTD 2. I’m too ashamed to pose in random venues especially in Jakarta. Yet alllll of that changed when last weekend  I suck it up and actually go to a random venue to take an OOTD with my photographer Xenia. I was kind of lucky because there wasn’t a crowd that day at the restaurant but hell yes there were a few glancing that made me kind of insecure, but hey I was already in my heels and red lips WHY not give it a try right?!

I kept it basic when I popped my OOTD cherry, very monochromatic. Something that I know by heart and would wear it anytime. The natural lighting was just oh so perfect and I loved how it highlights some parts of my body, I instantly felt like Negin Mirsalehi hahahaha.

After my first OOTD it kind of felt addictive and I want to do it agaiiiinn!! Gosh I’m being so narcissistic right now but seriously now I understand why fashion bloggers would do anything to get the right photo!!

Do you guys have any recommendation for OOTD venues in Jakarta where there aren’t a huge crowd????

What I’m Wearing (search in IG for details)

Top: V Neck Camisole by Luna Maya’s Luna Habit

Pants: Neu Look

Bag: ROUNN personalized clutch

Shades: RayBan

Shoes: Giussepe Zanotti Kanye West Cruel Summer

Lips: Lime Crime Salem + Too Face Melted Ruby

Hair: VOLUXE hairclip extension 50cm Natural Black

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