Gani: Asia’s NEXT Top Model

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Postingan mensupport Gani untuk jadi pemenang Asia’s Next Top Model sudah aku lakukan dari sebelum Gani masuk Top 3! I always think she has that oriental fierce look that can bring Indonesia to be the next Asia’s Next Top Model nah makanya pas kemarin ada event gathering Close Up dengan Gani & juga host ANTM aku excited banget untuk ketemu langsung dengan jagoanku itu!

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The traffic was SO bad that day so I showed up pretty late but just in time for the meet & greet. During the event the whole room was decorated with Close Up Diamond smile signature blue & silver theme, as we all know pasta gigi terbaru dari Close Up ini adalah salah satu main supporter untuk Asia’s  Next Top Model, coba deh check hashtag #DiamondSmile dan kamu akan lihat betapa antusias para model & penggemarnya dalam memeriahkan TV show ini.
Selain meet & greet aku juga nyobain beberapa cool feature dari event ini seperti Selfie mirror yang langsung otomotis upload ke twitter!
At that time aku belum tau apakah Gani udah jadi pemenang atau belum, aku cuma baru nyelametin dia karena udah masuk Top 3 and she seems excited for her victory (you can kind of tell she’s confident) and I also had a lovely chat with the beautiful host, Georgina. Even though she’s tired but she still looked absolutely stunning (and I look like a dwarf beside her hahahaha)
I also get to meet some of my followers who came to the event, and fellow Close Up Diamond Smile KOL Diera Bachir 🙂 Off course not forgetting to take a group photo.
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Setelah event pas aku tau Gani menang I was so happy & proud! Jagoanku selama ini menang & bisa mewakilkan Indonesia di kancah fashion Internasional.
Thank you Close Up for this amazing opportunity and see you in the Next year competition!

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