Sunday Morning Weddings Makeup Drama: Solved


I don’t know about you but I’m at the stage when all my girlfriends are getting married while I’m like what on earth am I going to wear to each of their holy ceremony on a Sunday morning because these days weddings can take up to every weekend of a month and one of the biggest drama (other than my parents ask “when is your turn”) is also hair, makeup and outfit drama that I face when getting ready for a special occasion that’s not too crazy formal but also not laidback luke. What to wear? What kind of makeup to match? Hair up or down? Aaah the dilemma….

So let’s start with the basics, makeup. When doing makeup on a Saturday or Sunday morning one of the most biggest problem is that you probably wake up from a nasty hangover after too many rounds of gin & tonic lash night. So the bad news is your skin won’t look its best, talking about poor circulation, dehydrated and your eye bags will be at its worst. The good news is that there is nothing makeup can’t fix.

Start with a good skincare & continue stippling a light luminous foundation like Oriflame The One Illuskin Foundation will help to hydrate, cover up imperfections and gives you a nice fresh glow to your complexion. No one will know that you had a long hard night!


Next is the eyes, I didn’t go crazy with this area because less is more when it comes a morning makeup so I smudged the dark purple color from Oriflame The One Colour Match Eyeshadow Duo along my upper lashline (dark purple will whiten your eyes BTW), pop the lighter color along the browbone, apply false lashes on and you’re done!

Hair hair hair… Seriously who has time for sanggul in the morning right? I just pull my hair up in a lose low bun and I’m done!

XEN_0517 edited

For outfit, the easiest way to be formal is go traditional. Think batik and kain and to keep it comfortable I chose a cute batik top & kain instead of a full beaded kebaya.

I hope this tips is useful for your upcoming wedding or other semi formal events that’s upcoming in next weekend and looking forward to reading your comments on what’s your favorite way to dress up for a formal event!


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