Say Goodbye To Your Underarm Hair Forever



I used to be a heavy waxer, I wax like there’s no tomorrow, I don’t give mercy for a single hair to grow because I don’t see it not only as a beauty regimen but also for hygiene purposes especially the underarm and feminine area, keeping those area clean is definitely one of a woman’s MUST do. Then it got me thinking… I’ve been waxing since I was fifteen and I don’t think dealing with unwanted hair is something I want to continue for the rest of my life and there is one hair removal option that I haven’t try which is the Alpha Light and I thank Pink Parlour for providing such service because this machine will detonate unwanted hair roots and gradually remove them F O R E V E R. I mean… Who would say no to clean underarm fo lyf?!

Since Pink Parlour opened in Jakarta I’ve never wax at other places, it’s one of my must do beauty routine up until I was introduced to Alpha Light hair removal. Incase you’ve been living under a rock the marriage between beauty and technology these days have given birth to the most amazing inventions that has saved many women (and Men) from time consuming beauty regimen that’s only effective for a short term effect and specifically I’m talking about hair removal. Nowadays hair removal is something you can invest on because just by paying a little more than your usual waxing or shaving routine you can have smooth hair free body forever!


For me personally the 2 crucial areas that needs to be hairless all the time is the underarm and bikini area, so obviously my first attempt on Alpha Light needs to be in one of those two areas. I have friends who asked if this treatment can banish facial hair aka lady moustache and the answer is YES, this treatment can literally decrease the growth of unwanted hair in any areas.

 So what  is Alpha Light?

If you’ve heard of IPL (Intense Pulse Lighting), then Alpha light is similar to IPL  which is also used and trusted to detonate hair roots, both technologies effectively damages the hair follicles to stop hair growth. However I must say Alpha Light is so much better because it’s less painful. I once tried IPL and the sensation is like you’re being snapped with a rubber band over and over again.

Regular IPL uses Intense Pulses delivered in shots on the surface of the skin. This light and heat is absorbed by the hair, travels towards the follicles, damaging them. On the contrary Alpha Light doesn’t sting as much, it delivers energy deeper and directly into the skin where the melanin absorbs the heat, permanently damaging the follicles and all I can feel was a warm ray of light on my underarm. This advanced deliverance is not only painless, but ensures damage to these cells and not to the superficial skin like regular IPL.

So what’s the procedures of Alpha light?

 alpha hair removal- pink parlour

  1. Your underarm is wiped clean by the therapist and she started to put this cooling gel (she also offers to use numbing cream but I refused because it’s really not painful)
  2. Using the Alpha Light machine the therapist begin to graze over your underarm area and you’ll feel a warm sensation, literally one underarm only takes 2 minutes.
  3. You have to repeat this treatment once in 4 weeks and you shave in between treatments, it takes usually 5-7 sessions until all unwanted hair is GONEEE

I am not saying this out of promotional purposes but this shizz really works. It’s been around 5 weeks since my first treatment and my hair growth is extremely slow and I can see tiny baby hair growing compared to the usual gorilla hair status.

The Alpha Light treatment is exclusively available at Pink Parlor Pacific Place and Kemang Village. For more info & price list click here


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