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Aku paling anti bawa full sized products atau terlalu banyak “perintilan” saat traveling, pertama aku gak suka bawaan berat, kedua chance untuk bawa full size product bocor itu besar dan bakal ruin everything, ketiga aku selalu bawa skincare yang fungsinya lebih dari satu jadi gak ribet. Actually the third reason also applies on my everyday beauty routine, especially my morning one because I’m ALWAYS in a hurry pasti pake skincare yang gak ribet cuma udah banyak kegunaanya. In this special collaboration with SK-II through Female Daily & Clozette Indonesia, I picked 3 skincare yang kegunaanya  lebih dari satu and can be your bestfriend while traveling or on the go.

BTS Deets


IMG_0919Top: NEU Look/ Jeans: Forever 21/ Bag: Chanel/ Shoes: Christian Louboutin/ Watch: DeLacour


That day the Female Daily team kind of raided my makeup pouch, so some of the stuffs I mention here are included in their Inside Harumi’s Makeup Pouch post




– bareMinerals correcting concealer in Tan

– Chanel Mat Lumiere Perfection Powder in 10 Beige

– Mally Beauty Believable Bronze palette


– UDPP Primer Potion

-iShine eyeshadow palette in Dunes, I only use the bronze one all over my lid’

– Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, I gave my upper lid a nice winged Eyeliner

– Elise eyelashes in 5194 if I’m not mistaken, I kinda forgot the code


– Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey

Okay back to topic multipurpose skincare… For me penting banget agar kulit bebas dari foundation or heavy makeup saat di pesawat karena that will dry up your skin when you land and that does not look pretty. Lebih baik dandan saat mau landing dan sebisa mungkin give maximum and comfort to your skin while on board.

Keeping skin breathing, minimal makeup, and letting my skin rest…. Well I still use eyeliner just in case I meet someone cute on board. Lol


Products Used:

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

Pindahkan sedikit produk ke small spray bottle jadi gak perlu bawa packaging kacanya, selain jadi lebih travel friendly hal ini juga memudahkan untuk mengaplikasikan produknya ke muka karena tinggal spray and massage it with your fingers. I’m sure everyone has their own way of applying FTE,  this product has been so popular and I want to know how YOU apply yours and share your experience here

For more info on this particular product, click here


Jafra Mud Mask 



–       Avene Thermal Spring Water


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2 thoughts on “Multipurpose Skincare

  1. Kak, aku mau tanya.. Is it true kalo misal mau pake FTE atau produk SK II yg lain lebih baik pas udah umur 22 ke atas? I am currently 20 yo dan penasaran aja sih pingin coba abis reviewnya so good gitu dimana2.. Kulit aku jg ga seberapa bermasalah, cuma satu dua jerawat dan itu jg datengnya monthly problem lah. Aku minta pencerahan ya kak hehehe. Thank you in advance!

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