EtCetera New Collection

Pertama kali tau EtCetera itu pas zaman SMP, lagi jalan-jalan di Metro pasti mampir kesini karena koleksinya pas banget untuk dipake acara semi formal, pilihanya warnanya juga netral dan bisa di mix and match dengan banyak aksesoris and ofcourse the price is very friendly 🙂 Jadi pas aku di hubungi untuk melakukan photoshoot koleksi terbaru dari EtCetera I was very excited karena this is a brand that’s been pretty familiar in my style sphere.

In collaboration with FIMELA I modeled some of their latest collection with pretty blogger Regina Raquel.

frame 3

frame 4

frame 2

frame 1

Don’t forget to visit EtCetera boutique at your nearest department store!

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