Quick Look: Boho Cosmetics

Last week dapet kiriman dari Beauty Box (toko makeup di GI & KoKas) isinya Boho Cosmetics yang dari packaging nya aja udah keliatan kalo brand ini very environmentally friendly karena packaging nya literally dari kertas which means it’s biodegradable. (I have mixed feelings about the packaging though)


Eyeshadow in Turquoise, eyeliner in Turquoise, lip gloss in Bordeaux & Green mineral powder no. 03

Their glam & green motto really represents the products because I did a quick swatch and the pigmentation is actually very good, especially the lip gloss! I don’t know about the staying power because I haven’t try it out yet but I’m excited to wear these products just because they’re so “Green” and I know I won’t feel guilty when I apply it since it contains ingredients that wont harm our skin AND the environment. I feel that main kesini makin banyak brand yang menjual kata-kata green dan natural which I think is amazing cuma personally I still love the glamour feel that cosmetics give so my quick take about this particular brand that the paper packaging is just too…. Boho.


Swatches of the lip gloss, eyeliner & eyeshadow

What do you think of “green” cosmetics, do you love em’? or you think it’s just a marketing gimmick?

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