Lipstick in The Making

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This was the highlight of day 4 for me, we were the last group to visit the Oriflame’s lab and apart from me creating my own lipstick I was so inspired by the ladies who took cosmetic science major and were the executives of Oriflame’s R&D team. Talking about girl power! Read more about my exciting lipstick making experience!

The night before at the closing dinner I striked up a conversation with the lady sitting beside me and turned out she was the one in charge of the making of Oriflame’s products from scratch. Le scientist. She introduced me to her team, all of them were in charge in different fields, and they were all very pretty. I mean, hot scientists??? Only in the beauty industry baby! It was a very interesting conversation and I learnt a lot about basic cosmetic ingredients and solvents that make a certain lipstick last longer or more moisturizing etc and she told me I would enjoy tomorrow’s session at the lab with her team! See, you would never know who’s who if you are not friendly!

L2R Sue (R&D Director), Me, Madeline & Linda

I already know what color I want to create, an everyday coral shade which suits any skin tone! I started with orange pigment and add a splash of red, white & blue! I added a tiny but more perfume than the average amount just because I’ve always loved scented lipstick! It wasn’t that easy at all because one drop of color would change everything so you will use your “feeling” to find the right balance. We can also add pearls to the lipstick, and there were 2 choices of pearl that time. A glittery one and a softer one and yeah you guessed it I chose the softer one and only sprinkled a little bit because I don’t really like shiny lipstick.
All ingredients were laid out and all we had to do was add pigments to achieve the color we want!
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I learnt that all cosmetic products have the same basic ingredients however what makes a certain brand more expensive or better than any other brands is because of the quality of ingredients that they chose. It was very interesting to know the science behind what we put to our face and seriously I really wished I took cosmetic science as a degree!
Eventually I achieved the color I want and off it goes to the molding plate & 3 hours later it was put into the Oriflame “The One” packaging and we have our very own lipstick! So happy!
Leave a comment and tell me what should I name my lipstick! If I like it you can win one (PS: There’s only 3 lipstick and I gave 1 to Anas so if you win this you’ll be my only follower who has this!)

31 thoughts on “Lipstick in The Making

  1. If you want something simple and elegant I’ll recommend “Chรฉrie Peach” or “Chรฉrie Coral” ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh! I found something personal and cute: “Poison Mimi” HAHA!

  2. Give her a name Little Secret ! If people are asking “Lipstiknya cantik! namanya apa ?” jawabnya “Pssst… it’s my Little Secret!” sounds chic kan ? hehe

  3. since your name, Harumi means sunny and spring, I’d suggest “Sunny Day”. I mean, you made it for everyday use and spring basically is bright with sunlight. And sunny day has this cheer vibeโ€ฆ.

    would love to have your own lipstick, as I just started using lipstick myself (still not on daily basis thou)

  4. I would love to call your lipstick as ‘Coraline’ because basically it has a coral shade as primer. Thats wow to have your lipstick since my lipsticks are ALL in pink color. I think that really suits me to accompanying me in my everyday look ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I think “gorgeous corallipicious” so perfect for your lipstick.
    Corallipicious= coral+lip+delicious and gorgeous like you kak ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This could be “Harumkissed” not really mentioned the color but that’s the point. You’re trying to tricked someone and make them curious with the shade of Harumi’s lipstick. Maybe the name is weirdo but its ear-catching actually and its like a little “kiss” from the gorgeous Harumi ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Name it “mytipscantik”, Mi. Because you’re the one who create the lovely colour and it is your ‘tips’ to be ‘cantik’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi, I think “coral in touch” would be suits perfectly ๐Ÿ™‚ because you have to put the Coral’s Color in your lips

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