Glam Time

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Photoshoots are so fun (and tiring at times) no wonder supermodels are paid SO high because unlike acting or singing, modeling rely on your body language ONLY. Not your eyes but your SMIZE (smile with your eyes) and over the years since I start blogging I’ve become a self proclaimed model, posing in front of my laptop or taking gazillion selfies. Guess what, I eventually get paid for it hahahaha (ujung-ujungnya duit) but for this fun project I did with Vanny a talented young makeup artist along with Mira for hairdo and Edo as photographer, we had a pro-bono glamorous session to complete each other’s portfolio. I love these kind of projects because I get to meet people with different passions and making new friends is the best treasure anyone can have. All contact lenses I use in this photoshoot are by Geo Softlens Room and for anyone of you who asks what’s my hair color, it’s 11.7 Ash Blonde by L’Oreal and I got my hair colored at Irwan Team PIM 1 by Yanto. Read more to see MORE glam pics and comment below which one is your favorite!








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Photographer (Edo) : +62819 15467146

Makeup Artist (Vanny) : +62812 86661723

Hairdo (Mira): +62878 1961908

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