Forever Young

Okay maybe the blog title kinda reminds you of that song Foreveeer young… I want to be forever youngg… Well apart from that it also kind of reminds me of that youth elixir in the movie Death Becomes Her hahahahaha it’s one of my favorite movie and I’m proud to say that I have my own youth elixir that doesn’t involve freakish immortal spell like in the movie and yes you’ve guessed it, it’s Drops Of Youth pre serum by The Bodyshop and below is the video I made with them in which I can’t stop laughing because trust me we made this video super spontaneous and there were no script, there are some things that I said here like “Woww kaya Ghooost” itu apa coba hahahahaha I couldn’t believe I actually said that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!

Makeup Products I used in this video:


You can shop all of the products used by visiting here

One thought on “Forever Young

  1. buat kulit remaja product the body shop ini cocok? untuk pelembab cocoknya apa buat kulit combination oily dan berjerawat atau pake bb cream?

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