What I Learnt From a LBD


It’s the new year and like any other normal woman I wrote “Be Skinnier” in my 2014 resolution and I actually took an express route before the New Year. It’s nothing new for me, doing something “express” and wanting  a quick result but thanks to a little black dress I added a new resolution in 2014. Read more to find out!

So my aunt gave me this beautiful halter mini ruffled Marchesa dress for me to wear on NYE because we had a dress code and we agreed that we would all wear black, she gave it when we arrive in New York and I just couldn’t wait to try it on so I did, and it was fine reaching my thighs and booty so I was safe, then when I was about to zip it……it was NOWHERE near ZIPPING. My aunt was like “Mi, gak cukup” I was “Coba tante aku yang pegang atasnya tante retsleting” (typical fatgirl strategy) and well it was still not close to fitting me. So I hesitantly took it off .

Ok so whatever I’m not going to let a dress ruin my mood but it’s still linger in my head and during my stay in New York I managed to attend a Soulcycle class and for you who doesn’t know what it is, it’s a super soulful (and retching) indoor bike workout and I was doing it for the past 3 days before leaving for Vegas hoping to shed some extra fat before landing in sin city. I was emotionally satisfied because HA! I actually did some exercise during my holiday so it was pretty victorious for me and when we arrive in Vegas, my game face was just so ON to fit in to that dress

 After my 2nd class, 8:30 AM on a Sunday. Half of New York are probably still asleep


19th street Soulcycle studio


I didn’t have time to take a selfie pic inside the class but the bike looks like this


The first night out we went to watch Britney Spears concert and after that we went to watch Afrojack so it was pretty crazy for our first night …….. Then it was still crazy for the next couple of days. Everyday I woke up so LATE, always so drenched out because of the hardcore partying last night so I kinda skipped breakfast, lunch and went straight to dinner.

Bumped into him before he spinned at XS


 I was like that the whole Vegas trip and finally it was the New Year and it was THEEEE judgement day. After last minute Soulcycle classes, walking around the city with my 4inch boots and well kind of starved myself for 3 days I finally…. FIT. Hahhahahaha so there I went, partying with my LBD. Dancing to Lana Del Rey’s and Cedric Gervais Young & Beautiful, partied with Sebastian Ingrosso, feeling so content in my Marchesa. Hellloo New Year!

Cheers to 2014!


Hello Sebastian Ingrosso!


I woke up late because I partied hard, again. Obviously. Then I had my first glass of water in 2014 and I couldn’t swallow. My throat hurts like a bitch. Then I was dizzy, my nose started getting blocked. Then it was obvious I was down with the flu. Well yeah so the rest of my trip I spent sleeping in bed chugging down hot lemon water, Advil & NyQuil. I was so sick. There it goes, 3 days left of my holiday and I was helpess just simply because I want to fit in. To the dress.

When I got home, I was still sick and eventually when I gained my appetite back I started eating normal and I miss home food so much and I gained my weight back on. Oh greaaaat. But I was happy somehow because I’m healthy and now why I decide to write this blog post because I want to share that of course we all want to be skinny, we all want fo FIT in and I have nothing against that, we all crave for our own perfection but one must always remember to not force it.

Came home to this 🙂

Screen shot 2014-01-19 at 2.52.27 AM

Coming home to my boyfriend and loved ones in one piece really buzzed me back into my conscious, they love me for me, not because I’m a size 0 and if someone can love you beyond what the eyes can see then you really have nothing to worry about because it means they love you for your soul,  your presence, they love you for you. The only thing that stops you from feeling 100% is the evil thing called comparison and you know what? If you can stop that and start focusing on wanting to be the better version of yourself and realize that it’s the journey that counts, I guarantee that it will blow your mind off. So I cross out “Be Skinnier” and change it to “Be Better Inside and Out”. I feel good 🙂

Anyway, I’m now seriously starting to think about joining a healthy meal catering program. Does anyone knows a good one? I really want to stop this Yo-Yo diet bullshit I’ve been doing!


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  1. Try @trfhomemade (check their instagram!) they are super delicious, healthy, and also all organic! lots of celebrities use them too. If you’re dessert lover, they have guilt-free dessert as well

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