What’s my scent?

Ngasal banget ya gw skip topik and just write whatever I want in the #30daysbeautychallenge hahahaha, well abisnya I feel like gw jarang nulis tentang perfume. For me, perfume tuh sifatnya personal banget, gw bisa seneng or sedih karena nyium satu aroma. Like misalnya, liburan summer 2 years ago gw pake perfumenya Molton Brown and kalo nyium bau itu, gw bisa remember all the things that happened (including pisah with my summer fling nooooo) hahahaha.. In general, I love sweet scents.. Beda banget sama nyokap yang sukanya earthy banget, she even likes men perfume. Gw ga bisa. My tip is to find your favorite scent, the one that makes you smile when you spray it on, or sometimes kamu bisa mix your own scent by combining 2 perfumes supaya kalo kamu dateng orang tau just by the smell. Dibawah ini adalah perjalanan perfume dari SMP Рsekarang

SMP (masa mainstream & labil, butuh role model hahahaha)


Britney Spears Curious in Control, Beyonce True Star, Paris Hilton Just Me

SMA (udah mulai tau mau ngapain tapi masih sotoy)


Summer by Kenzo, Jo Malone French Lime Blossom, Stella by Stella Mccartney

Kuliah (ini yang aku pake sekarang)


Philosophy Amazing Grace & Annick Goutal Petite Cherie

One thought on “What’s my scent?

  1. I used to Anna Sui Dolly Girl when i went college. By the time, parfumenya ga dibuat lagi, malah banyak palsunya.
    So I changed, to use KIm Kadarshian karena I don’t know why i really love jasmine a lot dan semua wangi-wangian yang Jasmine banget.
    Ada saran untuk parfume wangi pure Jasmine lainnya?

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