#Throwbackthursday: How To Create a Defined Cleavage

Can’t believe it’s been 2 years since my most viewed video! I get alot of questions on this video, mostly why I made this. Sebenernya it’s simple… Because I wanna show that makeup is the simplest way to enhance our features, and if you intend to wear a cleavage bearing top then might as well show the best of it, jangan tanggung gitu loh ahaahahaha! Read more on some other great ways to make your twins stand out without going under the knife!

Adjust the straps

The secret of a defined cleavage is not push up bra, what makes your boobs look fuller is actually the bra straps. This can be suffocating, but a great way if you want to enhance your cleavage for a certain top. Jadi tali BH nya itu harus di set ke yang paling pendek jadi it lifts up your boobs and make them fuller


While this can be embarassing if anyone finds out but this is the most effective way to add a cup size, use the one that has an adhesive to it, tempel filler agak berjauhan lalu satukan keduanya dengan hook yang sudah tersedia, this will bring your boobs together creating a voluptuous cleavage. You can find these adhesive fillers at Metro or Sogo’s ladies undergarment section.

Magic Bra

Once again Civen beauty online shop have sent me one of their eye-ctaching products, they sent me Eve magic bra and it’s one heavy bra which has a built in filler, this will instantly add size & cleavage for those who are in need! Hahahaha… It has an extra strap underneath the bra which brings your boobs together!

One thought on “#Throwbackthursday: How To Create a Defined Cleavage

  1. mbak harumi..
    kalau untuk covering bekas jerawat di punggung gimana ya? susah kalo pake baju backless :””)

    terimakasih 😀

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