Don’t be Lazy

A lot of you have asked how do maintain my figure to look slim, how great my abs are, how slender I am well.. thank you but really, I AM NOT SKINNY and I will never be. I’m aware that my body type is not stick thin and I can’t go on a diet, I suck at it. I love food too much but if I keep on eating what I eat now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a fat fuck in 2 months so I am grateful that I found Zumba and for the past year I’ve developed so much love and devotion to this hiphop, salsa, samba workout. Here’s a playlist I made from Zumba videos on YouTube, this is for days I cant attend my Zumba class and I literally wake up at 6 in the morning and workout to this playlist, sumpah deh if you love your workout you wont feel males!

What’s your favorite workout place? Comment & share your way of getting into shape!

2 thoughts on “Don’t be Lazy

  1. I aware body shaping, somehow I get jealous seeing those in American’s next top model.I eat constantly, can’t get over a good,what I do is doing crazy exercise like aerobics, cardio in gym.but when I get a little bit lazy I just do abs exercise on my bed.

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