Finally Benefit cosmetics buka di Indonesia… ¬†Biarpun ada beberapa produk yang masih ketahan di BPOM (karena registrasi nama-nama nya agak ribet) I am very honored to be a part of the journey, from meeting the regional team til receiving an official training to be Benefit’s beauty artist it was truly an unforgettable experience, I learnt so much and so happy that Benefit is closer to home. I created this look before I had the official beauty artist training (so if anyone from the team is watching this I’m sorry I skipped prep step hehehe) but anywaaayy…. I really hope you like the tutorial!

Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia

Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor (in front of Batik Keris)

Starting from June, I’ll be at the store once a week to help you choose your makeup needs!

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