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Our subscription is now open til’ the 15th of April… I am beyond excited & loving the enthusiasm of you guys! FYI, we will prioritize subscribers who take the 3 or 6 month plan to receive not only sample size products but FULL size! Click here to be a member for FREE & don’t forget to subscribe to receive your trove!

For the video I would like to give special thanks to:

– Nadia Ve (the magic hand who always make my vision into reality hahahaa)
– Kak Yayang & Anthony (thank you for being the hottest mom alive & Anthony you’re a natural!)
– Martin Salim (u can act lah Tin hahaha)
– Rahayu Saraswati (brought back cheerful energy on set when we were tired shooting all day)
– Yoga Septa (thank you for letting me not doing my own makeup & hair at 7AM in the morning)
– Nabila Wisnubaroto (talented makeup artist, thankyou for making the models look beautiful)
– Last but not least…My VT team who showed up after a massive hangover & made the video possible! Love you guys!

4 thoughts on “Vanity Trove Indonesia

  1. Mbak, aku click “here” tp kok tulisannya “sorry we’re not sure what you’re looking for”. Aku pengen daftar ni ;(

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