True or False: K-Palette 1 Day Eyebrow Tattoo & Senegence LipSense


Where To Buy:

Senegence LipSense

Instagram Online Shops who sent me




BB PIN: 25B99B91

K- Palette

Go to their Facebook & Twitter Page to see how to order because they haven’t put their products in a retail store yet!

5 thoughts on “True or False: K-Palette 1 Day Eyebrow Tattoo & Senegence LipSense

  1. Kak Harumi, mau nanya lipsensenya kalo di singapore ada di sephorakah? Atau dia toko sendiri? Dan dimana ka? Hehehehe big thanks ka i’m lookin forward to ur reply :) 😉

  2. Can u take a picture wearing lipsense yang apple Cider?
    Cause i wanna buy lipsense in a color that i can use everyday. Yang ga nude and ga merah juga. Apple cider katanya bagus itu kaya aPa ya? And pengen juga beli liptar tapi im not used of wearing bright or dark color jd yang normal pinkish or coralish atau nude pink gt….. Nahhhhhhh reccomend me a color, would u? Thanks before

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