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You might hate em… or love em… But… The Kardashian sisters have once again expanded their empire.. Welcoming them to the makeup world with their new line Khroma Beauty. Gw excited banget to try out the products because image the sistersnya juga emang glamorous & identik dengan dandan. Jadi gw yakin ga cuma gw doang yg expect produk yang di invent oleh orang yang suka & ngerti makeup sesuai dengan what they portray! Sebenernya the line udah dari akhir tahun lalu tapi gw pesen online baru dateng sekarang. Read more on which palette that I bought!

Pilihan produknya banyak… Dari mulai mascara, lipgloss, bulumata palsu & eyeshadow… But my favorite is their Kardazzle Palette yang keluar 3 edisi Kim, Kourtney & Khloe. Each palette consists of 4 matte eyeshadows, 4 shimmery eyeshadow, 2 blush & 1 highlighter. Each palette is customized to represent the sister’s personalities, jadi warna-warna di palette Khloe ya warna-warna yang dia biasa pake. The good thing about these products is that they’re DRUGSTORE brand jadi murah meriahhhh…. Gw pesen Khloe Kardazzle Palette for USD $12.99 because gw liat warna-warnanya paling bagus, gw juga pesen yg Kourtney & Kim tapi belum dateng.

I reallllllyyyy love the palette, warnanya keluar banget terus untuk sehari-hari tuh pas… The Khloe palette lebih banyak browns, taupe, gold, bronze colors which I love, trus blush & highlighternya juga bagus. BUT one thing that I don’t like is the plastic packaging, kaya murahan banget… Kaya maenan gtu plastiknya, agak kurang glamorous & kokoh. Nevertheless, I really can’t wait for the rest of my products to arrive.

You can buy the products online through Ulta or use your trusted makeup seller untuk PO.

6 thoughts on “Khroma Beauty

  1. I’ve checked out the web that you gave to order this beautiful Khloe palette .. But I think its already sold out because there is only Kourtney’s palette left, too bad the color is not as good as Khloe’s .. Please kindly inform me if there’s trusted makeup seller .. Thank you

  2. Hi, Mi! I wonder how you could order from Ulta, because I think they only ship to USA, right? Do you have any trick to have them shipped the things internationally (to Indo esp.) 🙂
    Thank you!

    1. Sasa – I provided the online shop that help 2 buy the product. their instagram: beautybox8, sugarbombtreasure, galerikuku, makeup_id

  3. Hello Harumi, i want to ask you some question. kemarin aku iseng2 beli online dari USA dikirim ke indo, tapi begitu sampe indo ternyata ditahan sama bea cukai karena butuh ijin BPOM.. ehh pas ke BPOM katanya gak bisa dikasih ijin. jadinya barangnya terkatung-katung di bea cukai. karena kamu belanja ini khroma beauty di, kamu punya solusinya gak? hehehe

    1. Hi,

      Aku belinya bukan langsung dari, aku pake bantuan online shop yang pre order US makeup… So I suggest in the future kamu pake online shop aja kalo mau beli makeup dari US

      Aku juga dulu kalo beli brush Sigma ketahanya di bea cukai & harus bayar pajak.

      For your problem, I think bakal lolos once u explain that it’s makeup & buat personal use dan bukan untuk dijual. Have u tried asking them ada biaya yg harus dibayar gak?

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