Product of The Week: Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in Mat Black

I don’t know how long this segment will last remembering that my tendency to finish what I started is alwaysss sooo possible but hey let’s try anyway. The life of me, a beauty blogger, an undergrad student who’s juggling between finishing her political science degree, boyfriend, attending press events, meeting new clients, putting on mascara, zumba, family, friends & powerswing is very…very.. dynamically mellow. Hahaha I don’t know if that makes sense but somewhere in between that I happen to buy and luckily receive sh*t load of makeup. I don’t give in depth review to any products, if u’ve been following my blog you would probably know that. I hate giving reviews because a product might work wonder on me and vice versa buuutt…. I want to make an exception for this weekly post that I’m about to try, the products that I’ll share are the ones that I reallllyyy love or realllyyy hate that I can’t resist to not share it. Please do comment if you do agree or disagree with me and don’t hesitate to leave your blog address if you have any reviews! My first product is…. Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in Mat Black.

The Claim: “Rich in polymers, this superior eyeliner offers an impeccable hold that guarantees water-, tear-, and smudge-proof color. Its ergonomic, foam-tip applicator is designed to resemble a makeup brush handle for the quickest, easiest, and most accurate application.”

The Truth: I must say that the claim is 99.9% correct, gw pake eyeliner ini semenjak gw terpilih jadi juri Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Award 2013 & Makeup Forever Aqua Liner masuk ke dalam kategori best eyeliner jadi gw bisa langsung ngebandingin sama eyeliner dari merk lain. Gw akuin kehebatan eyeliner ini pas gw bawa liburan ke Gili & gw bawa nyebur ke laut sama sekali gak luntur TAPI gw gak tau apa penyebabnya kalo udah rada kelamaan misalnya pake lebih dari 8 jam atau dibawa ke kegiatan extreme lebay kaya gw misalnya nyebur ke laut dia agak crack even though warnanya tetep solid tapi if you look at it closely tekstur linenya rada retak menggumpal gitu so you have to re-apply it to make it smoother. Also the finish is not as matte rather than rada glossy which I like because it gives an instant glamour.

The Price: IDR > 200,000

The Place To Buy It: All MAKEUP FOREVER counter in Sogo or their boutique in Plaza Senayan or Plaza Indonesia.

10 thoughts on “Product of The Week: Makeup Forever Aqua Liner in Mat Black

  1. my daily eyeliner everrrr…. bener2 oke banget pokoknya! meskipun harus dihapus dengan pembersih khusus dari mae up forever juga “senses eyes”. pokoknya so in love deh sama ini eyeliner 😀

  2. for very very very long lasting cobain “Kat Von D” tattoo liner in trooper doesn’t smudge or doesn’t crack dan tetep solid although d pake wudhu dan berenang dan tetep stay in place from to 10pm it works for my eyelid (oily skin type)

  3. Kasih kaya 10 top lip product domg yang include ur fave nude lipstick !! Trus kaya lipstick ini pake lipgloss ini gt hehe please please makasi

  4. mau info dong please please, Kat Von D beli dimana? hihihi thank uuu 😉 anyway, really love ur blog Mba Harumi, i read it everyday as my daily routine, pasti cek terus setiap hari hohoho ?

  5. Aku jg pakai MUFE aqua liner tp no.3, hijau lumut gt. Bagus bgt & malekat bgt. But negative point nya : kering & ga creamy. Bner kata mba Harumi, jd cracky setelah bbrpa jam pake. Tp aku suka bgt sm aplikatornya nyaman bgt. So in the range of 1 to 5, i give it 4.

  6. Aku suka pake eyeliner pixy, warnanya bagus gak matte, hitam banget n ada shine effect nya, plus murah banget

  7. Wah I used to using this one too, aqua liner nya MUFE & it was my best eyeliner ever but…. Bener bgt kalo di pake seharian dia bakal cracky even di ruangan ber-AC, sampai akhirnya aku nemuin Kat Von D tattoo liner dan to be honest this is the best eyeliner ever, aku pake ini seharian ampe malem bahkan ga ilang, smudge ataupun cracky! You have to try this Harumi 🙂

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