If you’re a fan of Benefit cosmetics like myself then u would probably be excited because they’re coming to Indonesia on May! Finally! Sehubungan dengan itu makanya kemarin aku ke Singapore untuk menghadiri press release produk terbaru dari Benefit & juga ketemu sama regional manager serta team Benefit Singapore. I had the most amazing time, belajar sejarah & facts tentang brand ini jadi ngebuat aku tambah ngefans. Read more about my experience & how you can apply to be a paid intern for Benefit Singapore!


Day 1


Along with Indonesia’s brand manager Dian, We met Karen the regional manager of Benefit, so basically she takes care of Benefit Asia. We had lunch before the press event for the new product launching (which remain a secret sampe kita semua dateng ke eventnya). Over lunch I learnt some new stuffs about this brand.. Yang pastinya emang mereka tuh break the “traditional rules” of the makeup industry. Other than that, I also get their new  Fine One One  3 in One cream highlighter & color along with other freebies from Karen such as their famous POREfessional primer & They’re real Mascara!

1. Gak pernah pake model beneran untuk advertising, selalu buat tokoh kartun sendiri for every product misalnya Spy Gal untuk Porefessional Primer. They’re the pioneer for this sampe2 Marvell mau kolaborasi bikin komik!

2.Nama productnya gak pernah boring, so insead of calling a regular mascara “volumizing” they call it They’re Real Mascara or they call Some Kind of Gorgeous cream foundation

3. The famous Brow Bar first launch in 2003, makeup lain gak pernah nyediain on the spot brow service whereas Benefit give an instant quick fix because they believe brows are very important to frame the face

After lunch we head over to the Arts House to unveil the TOP SECRET product, so apparently the product remains unveiled all over the world sampe tanggal 23 kemarin, I was so penasaran because even the whole launching theme udah kaya crime scene. Ini adalah salah satu press event terunik yang pernah aku hadiri, kaya nonton show kecil! Setting panggung nya lucuuu banget, aku & Dian foot-foto terus sambil mingling berkenalan sama press dari Philippine, Thailand, Malaysia & Hong Kong. I even get to meet other Singaporean Beauty Bloggers. Akhirnya produknya di reveal! Yaitu…. THE FAKE UP! This is the ultimate undereye concealer, untuk kamu yang punya masalah dengan kantong mata hitam lalu menimpanya pake concealer yang lama kelamaan crack, creasing dan even kering! This concealer bentuknya kaya lipstick dan punya pinggiran moisturizer jadi it’s super moisturizing & concealing! I got 3 shades for free after the event & pas aku cobain emang super nutup & lembap. Though I don’t recommend using it on stubborn blemishes karena coveragenya lebih cenderung ke light-medium.

Day 2

I was super excited to visit the Benefit Singapore office, dari sebelum masuk aku udah bisa tau kalo kantor Benefit ada di gedung itu because they had a pink poster outside so I know straight away that I’m going to get into a pink galore… and… I was right! The whole office was so fun & playful. I don’t think that I can get stressed working there, the walls were hot pink with white furnitures, they had beauty quotes on one side of the wall & oversized Posietint sclupture to welcome guests. I met the rest of the Benefit team, I hardly recognize them because they were all playing a role yesterday at the Fake Up press event. They have a very nice & solid small team that works in a chic environment.

Karen showed me more new stuffs like the World’s Greatest Neutrals which will launch really soon, isinya 2 cream eyeshadow & 4 eyeshadows that can be used daily because the colors are so versatile… Trus dia juga talked more about having a Benefit DNA which embodies someone who’s confident & chic. As we talked more, I realize that Benefit is more than just a brand, it’s also a personality. Amongst all other brands I’ve used, I’ve never felt so much life in a box of blush or a lipgloss. Everything here just makes you smile & happy and I think that’s what beauty is all about. Before I left, Karen also explained about the PAID INTERNSHIP that Benefit Singapore offers for fresh graduates or anyone yang punya 1-3 tahun digital/marketing experience. Oh… and I got some more freebies! Can’t wait to do a Benefit edition tutorial!

Here are the internship requirements, for this internship you MUST live in Singapore selama magang jadi kalo misalnya punya temen/sodara yang tinggal di Singapur tebengin aja tempatnya hehehe

Send your CV to: Cher Sok Kheng & CC to Karen

Good Luck 🙂

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  1. kak, itu berarti harus lulus kuliah dulu ya? kl blm punya exp gmn dong? :”) ada exp di bag marketing juga tp cuma 2 bulan

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