Hidden Techniques

I was literally saving Kim Kardashian’s photo on which she posted on instagram a while ago where her face is contoured & highlighted by one of my favorite makeup artist, Scott Barnes. This is what I call the hidden technique, so basically all of this are done before foundation using a cream foundation that is 2-3 shades darker than your foundation color for the contour (nutupin bagian yang mau ditirusin) & 2-3 shades lighter foundation for the highlight (bagian yang may ditonjolin) you can see that Kim really does her under eye very light also she contours her nose very sharp. After the whole process, all of these crazy techniques di blend menggunakan warna foundation seperti biasa. Kalo di Indonesia, tehnik ini dibilangnya “shading ngumpethahahaha…

Make sure that you blend the contour & highlight so the result is flawless, shown on the right side!

So tell me, are you guys interested in me doing a Kim Kardashian shading & contour hidden techniques? Comment below!

12 thoughts on “Hidden Techniques

  1. Never saw kim with wrong makeup..!! I love kim.. She did find a great makeup artist.. So flawless and worth to try. Km pakai foundation apa harumi? I’m oily what do you suggest?

  2. setuju, please review contour&highlight products. if possible pls remake video with sufficient ligth so i can spot the difference. much thanks cantik! 🙂

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